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(updated 11/29/2015)

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The Nicholas Pedone Foundation has been established in memory our “Sweet Nicholas” who at the age of 7 years, was diagnosed with Stage 3 Neuroblastoma, a rare childhood cancer and earned his angel wings after a short 7 month battle on May 26, 2013. During Nicholas’ battle, he demonstrated what it was to be a true warrior and a hero to many. Nicholas left footprints that will forever remain in the hearts of many. His footprints will lead us to help protect his fellow soldiers who are still fighting this war.Today, the Nicholas Pedone Foundation exists because of Nicholas’ fight. Our vision is to deliver smiles to children, to help alleviate stress on families, and to help raise awareness to get us one step closer to more government funding and to find a cure for all childhood cancers.

Our mission is to deliver smiles to courageous kids fighting cancer while we encourage them to always “Fight Hard Smile Big”. We join the global movement of raising 
awareness towards Childhood Cancer to bring us closer to finding a cure.

Our vision is children will never lose their smiles to pediatric cancer!

 Vision with action can change the world.  When this vision becomes reality, parents will no longer experience their children suffer from the side effects and associated risks of having cancer.  Children would be able to live their normal fun free lives as they are meant to do.  Parents will be able to live a carefree life with their children.   A medical evolution would occur and cancer will be cured. 

Until this day arrives, we will continue to advocate and be the voice of these children.


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