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Stem Cell Transplant Day “Re-Birth” Day – April 23rd

Exactly 6 months ago on October 23rd, we were admitted into the hospital after receiving the worst news of our lives as Nicholas was diagnosed with Cancer!  Today, 6 months later, Nicholas celebrates his "re-birth" day!  They consider this a rebirth since you now have received brand new blood and considered to be a brand new person!

Before receiving his Stem Cells, Nicholas made a poster to put on his door!  The poster said something like this:  “I am a Star, I am a Warrior”, “New Blood, New Beginnings”, DIE CANCER DIE!  He was so proud of his sign that he wanted it hung up on the outside of his door so all the doctors, nurses and patients would see it!!

And there you have it!  Happy Re-Birthday my son!  Nicholas received about 4milllion cells back into his little body, out of the 8million they harvested back in January.  During the actual infusion, the associated smell is awful!!!  He ended up vomiting from the infusion, which is normal due to the chemical that is placed in with the cells to help preserve them. The positive side to this is the infusion only lasts about 3 minutes and then its over, including the vomiting and nausea feeling.  It sort of smells like creamed corn, yuck!  As always, Nicholas handled it like a champ!

Philadelphia Here we Come…Stem Cell Conditioning – April 15th – April 22nd

Nicholas asked us if we could arrive the night before he was scheduled to go into CHOP so he can spend a night with us in the hotel that we will be staying at.  We thought it would be a great idea so Nicholas can also see where we are going when one of us leave him at night.  He also loves hotels!  We ended up having a fun night hanging out in our hotel room, relaxing, playing Xbox and watching TV.  All three of us slept in the king size bed with Nicholas in the middle.

The next morning, our appointment was scheduled for 8am for his Broviac insertion procedure. He was put under by means of sedation and all went smooth. He is a bit out of it and tired, but definitely was in good spirits. The nurses so far have been exceptional. Nicholas first chemo medication was scheduled to be infused at 2 AM in the morning and will get chemo every 6hrs with 2hour infusions. The nurses informed us that most of the patients tolerate this chemo med pretty well for at least 4-5 days.

For the most part, Nicholas did great for the first 7 days of the chemo infusions.  He did need a blood transfusion in the interim as his red blood count was a bit low. The nurses have been great and very helpful. We learned a lot from them and they are so very educated.  All the nurses are always ready to explain things in full detail to help you understand the process.  The precautions that are taken into consideration are pretty intense. Nicholas is on a low-bacteria diet, which consists of all the bad food you normally wouldn’t want your child to eat.   If its frozen, in a can, sealed in a package, cooked thoroughly or frozen, then he can eat it. Anything fresh such a fruits or veggies, or anything like cold cuts or unpackaged is a big no-no since bacteria is present. It’s all about the preservatives all the way! Any food or beverage that is not consumed within 4 hours, must be thrown out as bacteria starts to grow. His bed sheets, pjs, pillow cases, blankets or anything soft and fuzzy, must be washed and recycled every 24hours. He must shower every single day with a separate body scrub 1/2 hour after the shower with a special medicated antibacterial pad. He has oral mouth hygiene 3 times per day to help with the forthcoming mouth sores. He gets PT and OT everyday to encourage muscle movement and gets him out of bed. We were also informed that once his blood counts flat line, he will be most susceptible to any infections, including all those that children receive vaccinations for since birth. Ironically, we were informed that all the vaccinations will be gone from his system and he will need to re-vaccine after 1year of transplant. It really puts into perspective what this really means.  

Nicholas pretty much maintained his levels and didn’t drop much at all. His immune system was still going strong. As soon as the ANC drops to under 1000, the major infection precautions start taking place, such as wearing masks!  Nicholas occupied this time with playing Xbox and texting all day long! Thank god for technology today! He loves to FaceTime with his cousins as he stays connected with them while we are so far away!

We were so happy to have had Zii Zii Teresa and Cousin Anthony come visit us from NY on Sunday and spent a night with us! Nicholas felt great and had fun playing with his “big brother!” 

The next day, Nicholas was able to decorate his door window to make it his own.  Mommy helped him out a bit, but all we can say is anyone who passed by our room had no doubt that we were from New York!  Nicholas door consisted of NY Rangers, NY Knicks, NY Giants and European Soccer Teams!  Anything to make him feel at home knowing that our stay is going to be a long one. 

On the very last day of the chemo drugs, Nicholas levels were starting to show signs of dropping.  His appetite had slimmed down quite a bit and not really eating much.  His drinking ability was still here.  The doctors were very happy with how he reacted thus far and he is on track.  The Melphalan chemo drug was administered today. This is the drug that brings on the mouth sores. Tomorrow is the BIG day! Stem Cell Transplant day! It had now been 7days that we were here and still hanging strong. Nicholas was laughing, smiling, joking and you would never think he was sick!

Weekend Before Stem Cell Transplant – April 13th- April 14th

We had a great weekend! Nicholas was honored by the Glen Head/Glenwood Landing Baseball Organization at this year’s Baseball parade and opening ceremony into the new baseball season! Nicholas got to ride in the Glenwood Landing Fire Chiefs truck in the parade and at the opening ceremony, a beautiful speech from the Baseball Commissioner about the Pedone involvement within the baseball organization going back three generations. Nicholas was presented with a professional baseball signed by all of the organization members. After that, Nicholas was honored by throwing out the first pitch. He still has a great arm! He even got to throw a second one! It was so beautiful and touching. It was a special moment for us as we know that Nicholas involvement with sports this year will be slim to none. We are grateful to Ron for organizing this and making this a special moment for all of us.  That same night, Nicholas had a sleepover with his cousins while Nick and I enjoyed a night out with some of our dearest and greatest friends!

On Sunday, we prepared and packed up for our trip to Philly. We had all of our closest family members over to give Nicholas big hugs, kisses and high fives as he will fight his next battle of Stem Cell Transplant. It was an emotional moment of course. Nicholas was feeling great, his appetite over the roof and so it was sad to know that this was going to come to a halt in the next coming days. We know Nicholas will do great!  He is our little warrior and after this part is over, he will be a brand new person and hope that the little cancer left is gone and disappears completely and forever!

CHOP – Pre Stem Cell Transplant Meeting – April 12th

Our Pre-Stem Cell Transplant meeting at CHOP went very well today. We met with Dr. Grupp, Head of Stem Cell Transplant and he discussed with us thoroughly as to what we can expect, the medication regimen, risks and side effects. Dr. Grupp started by telling us that we were very lucky to have found Nicholas disease early on, since most of Neuroblastoma cases are usually in advanced stages of Stage 4. He stated that only 15% of all Neuroblastoma cases fall into the Stage 3 category and while Nicholas is considered High Risk due to his age and histology of the tumor; he falls in the bottom and lowest bracket of the high risk scale since he is Stage 3 and has no MYNC amplification. With this said, it was questionable whether or not Nicholas "really" needs a stem cell transplant. Dr. Grupp proceeded to tell us that with Neuroblastoma, we have only 1 chance to kill this monster and we need to attack it hard and fierce to make sure we get rid of it the first time. Because, should a relapse occur, there is no known protocol or cure and the odds are low.  Relapse patients are basically treated with trials and studies.  So, we must proceed with transplant and cannot have any regrets. He informed us that he will be using a 2-med regimen that stems from the European protocol, rather than the 3-med regimen from the US protocol. He felt the 2-med is better for Nicholas. He will be getting 1 whole week of chemo and then 7days later; his stem cells will be infused for stem cell rescue. There are many risks involved such as VOD, which is a toxic liver infection, multiple organs malfunctions, but these are worst case scenario, which they always have to tell you about. The common side effects are mouth sores, fever, weakness, low blood counts and infections. He told us this will be difficult to endure for him and for us as parents. This is the one thing we were not looking forward too. But for now we have a great weekend ahead to enjoy before moving to Philly for 4-6wks!

Feeling Good, Living Normal, Pre-Transplant Meeting – April 8th
April 11th

Not too much to talk about during this time, except that Nicholas has been feeling great and we have been enjoying watching him getting stronger day by day. In fact, he actually got some time to go to baseball and soccer practice! He had a great time with his teams! Nicholas lost a lot of school time this week due to all the pre-testing involved for preparation for Stem Cell Transplant. He needed dental clearance, Sinus and Chest CT Scan and Echocardiogram, all of which came out great and no issues.

We are heading to CHOP in Philadelphia on Friday to meet with Dr. Grupp as our pre-meeting to go over Transplant processes, the expectations, restrictions, rules and so on. We are scheduled to be admitted to CHOP for next Tuesday. We will be "moving" to Philadelphia for the transplant process with will be staying at a local hotel there so Nick and I can alternate nights. The benefit of not having any other children is that we can both be there with him during this treatment. Since we will be about 2 1/2 hours away from home, we will both need a place to escape and that will be a hotel. We feel it is important to remain mentally healthy and at least one of us get a good night’s rest, so the other can deal with the day to day trials and tribulations of transplant. They say the process can take anywhere’s from 3-6wks depending on the child's healing process. This is the one part of treatment that we have been dreading and it's finally here. So instead of getting emotional now, we are taking it one day at a time.  Nicholas  has another great weekend ahead of him and we plan to enjoy it to the fullest.

1st Annual “Nicholas Pedone 5K Run/Walk” – April 7th, 2013

An INCREDIBLE DAY in our beautiful city of Glen Cove, NY! An honorable mention to my nephew Anthony along with all of his student support and volunteers, today marked the 1st Annual "Nicholas Pedone 5K Run/Walk"! Anthony is a 17yr old student who, not only is a cousin to Nicholas, is like his older brother. When Anthony heard of Nicholas diagnosis, he was devastated. All he wanted to do was help. He with the support of some very good and special close friends, they were able to put together a walk of no other kind!  The walked attracted 800 runners and 200 "Fun Run" children with a total of approximately 1000 people!   Anthony was informed by the Finish Line Company, who was the official timing company for the walk, which the Nicholas Pedone 5K was the 1st walk in 10 years to have attracted such a huge crowd of people being our very 1st marathon. With this said our local streets were filled with and taken over by all of our supporters! After the run, they conducted the award ceremony to all top runners. It was then followed by the most beautiful speech from Anthony, who broke down when he referred to his cousin Nicholas and stated "When we are young, we are supposed to look up to our older peers as role models. For me, Nicholas is my inspiration.  I wake up every morning for this little boy”  It was a very heartfelt speech that brought us all to tears.

One of the greatest moments today is that Nicholas rode in the golf cart the whole course until about 100 ft before the finish line.  He suddenly decided to jump off and run his way to the finish line!  It was a priceless and emotional moment as all the people on the side lines were cheering him on!  

We are truly grateful to Land Rover of Glen Cove who was the official sponsor of the walk, the City of Glen Cove for approving this walk with street closures, Glen Cove Police and EMS safety coverage, to the Glen Cove High School for allowing this walk to take place in and on school grounds, to all of the sponsors that helped make this such a huge success and to ALL OF THE RUNNERS/WALKERS whom without, this event would not have been possible.  We were so amazed to see this community come together once again!  We had local supporters from Glen Cove, Glen Head, Glenwood Landing, Sea Cliff, Locust Valley and Bayville to just name a few came together to show their support in honor of our Sweet Nicholas. Our community continues to demonstrate how much we are loved and cared for and that we DO NOT WALK THIS JOURNEY ALONE!   The event raised close to $24,000 to go towards Nicholas’ recovery fund.

Nicholas Receives 1st Holy Communion – April 6th, 2013

A beautiful sunny day and a bittersweet day this was.  To know that Nicholas was going to receive his First Holy Communion all by himself and that the 4pm Saturday mass was going to be extremely special was such a blessing and great feeling.  However, the thought that Nicholas was not taking his communion with his class and other children all dressed up because he was going to be going through transplant at that time was a bit saddening for us. 

Regardless, today, Nicholas looked so handsome…handsome than ever!  The church was filled with parishioners and we were sitting up front waiting for this to all happen.  We were honored by the presence of our closest family members and friends and even some of Nicholas school friends came to see him and support him on this unforgettable day. It was his very own special day. Nick, Nicholas and I walked down the gifts to the priest and Nicholas sipped the wine and ate the Holy Eucharist.  After this was done, the priest made a special announcement addressing Nicholas and the whole church clapped.  It was an emotional moment.

The day ended with a beautiful and delicious celebration with our family at our local Page One Restaurant.  A special mention to Page One…they graciously and voluntarily sponsored our complete dinner that evening!  We were deeply grateful for their generosity and support towards our family.  Thank you Page One Restaurant!!!

We went home and were all so anxious for another exciting day tomorrow…the very first Nicholas Pedone 5K Run/Walk!! 

Some Normalcy – School Time – Final Results - April 1st – April 5th

We were happy to see Nicholas better and able to get some school time in.  Nicholas was excited to see his friends and enjoy being 7 again for a while.  This week was pretty uneventful with a few clinic visits to ensure his levels are up to par.

We also were preparing for Nicholas 1st Holy Communion for Saturday!  We had his suit brand new ready (thanks Zii Zii Teresa) and looking forward to this very memorable day followed by a dinner celebration with our closest family members at the local and wonderful Page One Restaurant.

So far our week has been a great one and we hope to continue this bit of normalcy until we know what's coming next.  Until then, Nicholas will once again enjoy being a normal 7yr old boy doing what he is supposed to be doing, while we enjoy watching every minute of it!

We did receive final results: No 6th round of chemo needed, no 2nd surgery needed, bone marrow biopsy negative! Excellent and best case scenario for Nicholas so far, which means we are heading straight to CHOP in PA for his stem cell transplant. While this is a stepping stone and onto the next phase of treatment, this is also one of the most invasive procedures there are. Nicholas will receive the highest dosage of chemotherapy in only a few short days which will kill off any other cancer and faulty cells within his body. They will then inject him with his own stem cells that were harvested back in January to help his body and bone marrow build up and regraft new stem cells and improve his immune system. The grafting and healing process would take anywheres from 4-6 wks, depending on his body with the hopes of no complications. This means, 4-6wks in a hospital in PA. We will have our Pre-Transplant meeting at CHOP next week, with the intention of transplantation to be the week after.

But, before we head off to transplant, we were really excited about this coming weekend! Nicholas will receive his 1st Holy Communion tomorrow followed by a dinner celebration and a the first Nicholas Pedone 5K Run/Walk fundraiser is being held here in Glen Cove on Sunday which has already attracted over 600 participants and 50 volunteers and growing by the minute! What an incredible amount of support and turnout! So, we continue to take it one day at a time as these next couple of days are going to just be amazing!

Happy Easter! – March 31st, 2013

Nicholas was feeling great and getting stronger by the day and his appetite growing! Our Easter was great! We started off with an Easter Bunny basket full of goodies and headed off to church. Many community members were so happy to see Nicholas out and about! At the end of the mass, our priest, Father Elias performed The Annointing of the Sick Sacrament as he blessed Nicholas and cleared him of any sins. Since Nicholas will be unable to receive his 1st Holy Communion with his class on April 27th as we will be in transplant at that time, Father Elias graciously asked us if we would like him to receive his 1st Holy Communion this coming Saturday and we gladly accepted. Of course, it was a bittersweet moment, but we are all excited for him to receive this Sacrament.

The day continued with our Annual Easter Egg Hunt at Zii Zii Teresa’s house and our Easter Dinner with our Family!  Nicholas had a blast and we were blessed to know that Nicholas was home able to spend this holiday with his family and cousins.  The day was amazing!

Nail Biting Week – Body Assessment Testing – March 25th – March 30th

We were really happy to see Nicholas counts were up and rising which meant no risk of infection, allowed to be around people and going back to school next week!  This week though was a nail biting week for us.  We were scheduled for all of his tests; CT Scan, MIBG Scan, Bone Marrow Biopsiy and MIBG Part 2 on Friday. A big week for us as this was something we had been waiting for so long. Latest on Monday, we would soon find out how Nicholas has responded thus far to his chemo and what is next for him in regards to treatment.

After a very busy week with tests, an unexpected platelet transfusion and many phone calls, the test results were in:  On Good Friday, brought us great and happy results! Nicholas had a CT Scan, MIBG Scan - a full body scan to detect NB activity and a bone marrow transplant. Based on the CT Scan - The residual mass that was left behind, approximated 50% of his original mass was not identifiable...which means, was not detectable with the CT Scan!!! This is great! The preliminary bone marrow results are NEGATIVE, final results next week - AMAZING! MIBG Scan - which highlights neuroblastoma activity detected 2 very small tiny areas within the original residual tumor site. This too was AMAZING! These 2 spots would most likely be killed off in transplant after the high dose of chemo he gets for this treatment. NO new spots or neuroblastoma were detected in his body anywhere else – also excellent! The doctors were beyond thrilled with Nicholas development and response thus far to chemo. We "almost" made negative results with only 5 rounds of chemo. Nicholas successfully responded to chemo!! Dr. Weinblatt will be speaking with Dr. Maris @ CHOP next week to discuss and evaluate Nicholas case. He will definitely NOT need surgery! Dr. Weinblatt seems very positive that we will be heading to CHOP for transplant without a 6th round of chemo. This will all be determined next week.

In the interim, the focus was to build Nicholas’ strength and weight to prepare him for transplant. While his results are amazing, Nicholas still has a very long road ahead of least another 9-12mths of treatment if all continues to go as it has been. This disease is a complicated one and we need to take all actions necessary to make sure this monster is killed off once and for all and not allow for a relapse! We are so proud of our Little Sweet Warrior...he is such a fighter, a trooper, a soldier...and he continues his fight with all of his might with his army of people supporting him, praying for him and cheering him on!

We couldn’t be any happier with this news we received. We were very nervous, but had a "good" feeling all week long, knowing this all just happened to fall on the most Holy week - Easter Week! Today, Good Friday, We prayed that the Lord holds Nicholas and all of these other children who are fighting for their lives every day to hold them in his love & blesses them with His grace, on this Holy Day and every day after. May he continue to heal them and protect them as they walk this journey.

Palm Sunday – March 24th

Today is Palm Sunday.  Although we didn’t go to church, we always celebrate the holiday being around our family.  We were so happy to know that Nicholas was not hospitalized so we were able to spend Palm Sunday together with our family at Zii Zii Joe’s House!  It was a beautiful day with delicious food and we were so happy to be out with Nicholas enjoying a family day together.

Still Recovering from Round 4 – March 18th – March 24th

Nicholas was still holding his own with this round. His appetite was returning very slowly. He wasn’t eating as we wanted him to, but we were starting to see the turnaround. He was still on home IV's, Anti-Biotics and Anti-Nausea meds. He was still taking the Flagyle for his C-Diff.  Nick and I felt like we had become RN's now.  We were on par with his med schedule, changing IV bags, switching to IV meds, flushing, disinfecting and we are up every couple of hours doing one of these things. Honestly, we would do it always if we could, as long as we know he is home in his comfort zone!   They ended up increasing his C-Diff med dosage to treat it aggressively and try to kill it completely. He ended up with low platelet counts and needed a platelet transfusion. We are scheduled to go back to the doctors on Thursday, with the anticipation of needing a RBC transfusion, since those were dropping too. Since the MIBG scan will require Nicholas to be put under for about 3 hours, we needed his levels to stabilize before testing. We are hoping that this turns around by the weekend so his MIBG Scan, CT Scan and bone marrow biopsy can be done next week. Besides that...he is doing well, smiling and in great spirits

Today, being Thursday, was a very long day. Nicholas was at doctors all day today and got home about 7:30pm! His blood counts were low and therefore needed both a red blood transfusion and another platelet transfusion. In between these, he ended up with a reaction to the platelets and broke out with some hives and the transfusion was stopped. He then had to wait a while until the hives went down to restart the platelets. The red blood transfusion is always about 3-4 hour process. The doctors have tried really hard to keep Nicholas out of the hospital by allowing him to go home with IV fluids and all his other IV meds...this was successful and Nicholas remained out of the hospital (so far) since his last chemo treatment! Today, his WBC showed an uptick and we are on the turnaround where his levels are starting to go up. They took him off of the IV fluids, so Nicholas was really happy he didnt have to carry around a backpack to go to the bathroom and spread himself out when sleeping in bed. His port was still accessed since we still needed to administer IV antibiotics until Monday to prevent any infection. His C-Diff seemed to be gone and hadnt returned. He was still being medicated for it to make sure we get rid of it completely. We are scheduled to go back for level counts on Monday. Doctors are planning to schedule his testing towards the mid-end of next week, to ensure levels are up and Nicholas feels strong!  We were so happy to see Nicholas is on his way back to feeling himself again.

St. Baldtricks Event – Downtown Café – March 17th

We prayed everyday that Nicholas would be ok to attend the St. Baldtricks event this week.  This morning, we woke up and both Nick and I going back and forth on whether or not to go to the St. Baldricks event today.  Nicholas had been getting better every day with no signs of fever or infection. Last night, I went down to the Downtown Cafe and was the first time I walked in in a while. I held back my emotions to see what they had done for Nicholas. His presence was everywhere, from clovers on the bar, to Tshirts being sold. Such an honor, an experience for Nicholas to put some meaning to this all this; something that couldnt cant pass up given that Nicholas was feeling relatively well. When Nicholas woke up this morning and asked if we were going, we answered without hesitancy YES! With mask and gloves and prayers, we went! We knew we made the right decision.  As the doctors told us in the past, if he feels good and you take proper precaution, he doesnt have to live in a bubble; allow him to live his life. Today is a promise; tomorrow is not... We are so excited to make an appearance even if it was for just a short while!!

It ended up being an amazing, yet COLD day in Glen Cove! A special and warm thank you to John Zozzaro and The Downtown Cafe Staff for hosting such a magnificent event! Every year, The Downtown Cafe hosts and sponsors the St. Baldricks Event in Glen Cove, NY and this year, my dear friend, John selected Nicholas to be their Honoree Child. Nicholas’ presence was everywhere! Thank you to all of our family, friends and local supporters for coming down and showing your support! The turnout was incredible, the love and support that this community shows is just priceless! The best Community ever! 

Recovery from Round 5 – March 13th – March 17th

Since we got home on Monday, Nicholas had been doing pretty well and was taken off of fluids.  His appetite took a hit and slowly returned.  He ended up running a low grade fever.  We had a doctors appointment scheduled for his blood counts and his fever was gone once we got there. It just so happens that his WBC were down to almost nothing.  We thought we were going to be admitted into the hospital, but ironically they ended up sending us home with IV fluids again to ensure he remained hydrated.  His C-Diff was under control and he even started to eat a bit. 

During this time, we are anxious for Nicholas to get better so we can start his complete body assessment…something we had been waiting for. We really didnt know what was our next course of action depended on the results of all his testing.  We were hoping for a quick recovery so we could finally get some answers on how is has responded overall!

Nicholas continued to struggle these next couple of days since we got home with vomiting and not eating anything at all. The positive side is that he was home on IV fluids and he was being hydrating at home rather than in the hospital. We had been to the doctors office every single day this week to follow up on his counts. They had put him on antibiotic IV, changed his anti-nausea medication and we were told that he would be on home IV fluids all weekend.  We just kept praying that he feels up to par and doesnt run any fevers due to his levels dropping. Of course any fevers at this point would have put us straight into the hospital.

Nicholas ended up having another emotional breakdown.   Nicholas has become very aware and conscious of his situation and results of his levels dropping. This weekend, our local Downtown Cafe, a St. Baldricks Event Sponsor selected Nicholas as their honorary child. In addition, The City of Glen Cove asked us to have Nicholas in the parade as "Grand Marshall". Nicholas was in hysterics when we told him that we dont know what we were able to go and needed to wait until Sunday to see how he was feeling. Of course, even if he's feeling well, the fact is his WBC are depleted and will put him at risk for infection. This for us was heartbreak too. We so want Nicholas to see what St Baldricks is all about. We wanted him to see our wonderful community coming together and shaving their heads to help raise money towards children like himself who battle cancer to help find a cure. We couldn’t imagine the feeling he would have just experiencing this. We were torn and said that we would just put a mask on his face and gloves on his hands for him to just come down for an 1hour or so. The sad part is Nicholas said "I dont care if I have a mask on...I want to go!" Then he cried and asked me to leave him alone and go away.  This killed me and quite honestly, he's getting older and maturing so quickly that up till recently, he hadnt been so verbal and lately we've noticed this change. He's finally starting to fight us on things.  Its a good thing, its maturity but god is it harder on us on all levels.

Round “5” with Round “6” Meds – March 8th – March 12th

So we are finally here with “Round 5, but Round 6 Meds” which was identical to Round 4 that he handled relatively well, but his levels took a much longer time to recover.  With this round, we started off with low side levels, but still able to move forward with the chemo. 

Nicholas did experience the normal nausea and vomiting associated with chemo.  He was also very restless and uncomfortable.  He ended up having a blood transfusion, ran a fever and his electrolytes were low.  Doctors seemed to think the fever was a result of the Cytoxan chemo drug.  It just so happens that Nicholas ended up developing diarrhea and test positive for C-Diff again!  They started treating him immediately. 

We ended up being in the hospital one extra day than planned and sent home on IV fluids since they were pretty positive that the fever was associated with C-Diff.   We were advised by Dr. Weinblatt is was ok to treat the fever with Tylenol and follow up in a few days for a check up on blood counts.  When we got home, Nicholas ate some Smiley Fries!  It’s amazing what the comfort of your own home can actually do!

Some School and Sports Breakdown– March 4th – March 7th

Nicholas got some school time in this week, before heading into Round “5” with Round 6 meds.  He loved every minute of the normalcy he’s had these last couple of weeks feeling like a normal 7year old.

These last couple of days, we had to deal with the reality that the spring sports season was beginning and Nicholas was not going to be playing.  Since Nicholas was diagnosed in early Nov, he didn’t get to finish his soccer season and didn’t start his basketball season.  However, this season wasn’t so difficult to deal with as Nicholas didn’t really seem to mind too much.  I would assume it has to do with everything being so new and adjusting to our new lives.  However, I knew that spring was going to be tough.  Not only on Nicholas, but on us as parents knowing how active he is in sports and the passion he has to go along with it.

Nicholas was at his cousin’s house and ending up being part of an active discussion about Baseball registration, Team Selections and practices.  He then realized that he wasn’t going to be part of any teams this year or play baseball specifically!  We were about to leave my sisters house, when Nicholas suddenly stormed outside and said he wanted to go home.  At first, I thought he was just tired and cranky.  But in fact, it was an official breakdown!

How do you tell a very active 7yr old who’s passion is sports, who played sports, who lives for sports that he cant play sports this year?! How do you console your child, make it all better, tell him theres a solution, when all you really feel is helpless? I was dreading this moment and its finally here.  When we got home, Nicholas went into bed and dug his face into his pillow and just broke down...crying...with feelings of sadness and helplessness that he will not be playing "baseball" this year. He’s aware that he already skipped on Soccer and Basketball, but Baseball is one of his all time favorites to play and such a great player with a great arm! I laid next to him, caressing his face and assuring him that he will go watch all of his cousins and friends this year as many times as possible. Since he won’t play, we will be active on the bench rooting them on.  I tried so hard, but it didn’t relieve his pain. He proceeded to say...."That’s all I do is play I won’t be able to play anything and it's all because of this stupid chemo". And then he said..."And I’m going to be in the hospital for like 200 days." Thankfully, we were laying in the dark so Nicholas was unable to see my tears rolling down my face...but I wanted him to speak and feel since he usually keeps things to himself and I worry about that. I told him it was ok to be sad and mad and to let it out and tell me anytime he wants to talk. After this, I logged onto Facebook and shared this story with all of our followers.  I must say that was one of the best things I could have done.  After posting this update, we had received a tremendous out pour of support to help Nicholas cope with this disappointment. We had people volunteer their time to have a catch with Nicholas.  We have intramural and travel baseball teams reach out to have Nicholas as part of their teams. All in all, Nicholas will now be part of 2 baseball teams with associated uniforms and will assist with keeping scores, inning counts, bat assistance, etc. When we presented this to Nicholas, his face lit up and was very excited. All he wants to be is "part of a team". The the reality of it is, we really dont know how much time he will get on the field, considering he has some invasive treatments coming up...such as a possible 2nd surgery and Transplant. However, the fact that we did find a "solution" to this problem is worth more than anything else. Nicholas now feels like he's still part of a team and if he's happy with that, then we are happy too!   Sharing a life journey with the world is not for everyone...however...I can’t imagine going through this and not being able to speak, feel and vent with my Facebook family!  Its bring us strength and courage and we thankful for all of the feedback and advice...thoughts and prayers we received everyday!

School Time/Normalcy/NO Round 5! – Feb 26th – Mar 3rd

These next couple of days, Nicholas got stronger and started to feel like a normal kid again! 

Nicholas was eating better with a little more every day.  He was attending school and being 7 all over again was a great feeling.  Nicholas went to a NY Islanders game and a NY Knicks game during the weekend.  So, all in all, Nicholas is enjoying his “good days”. 

We went to the ENT to get his 2nd hearing test done.  The hearing test showed that there wasn’t any additional hearing loss, however, it didn’t get any better either, considering the steroids he was put on.  They were hoping to have restored some of the loss, but unfortunately that didn’t happen.  We discussed this with Dr. Weinblatt and he advised us that Round 5 would most likely be modified.  He asked us to make an appointment to visit with him tomorrow to discuss as well as check Nicholas’ levels. 

When we went back to Dr. Weinblatts the next day, he advised us that he will be eliminating Round 5 all together!  Skipping over this round would avoid and prevent Nicholas from getting additional hearing loss.  Dr. Weinblatt informed us that we will move right into Round 6, which is the equivalent to Round 4’s medications.  The doctor stated since Nicholas has been responding well to treatments overall and his sonogram was unable to pick up the mass after Round 3, they anticipate a significant change and shrinkage within Nicholas' body.  Dr. Weinblatt is in discussion with Dr. Maris @ CHOP and they are working together on this. The plan is to administer Round 6 next weekend. After this round, Nicholas will have a full assessment with a CT Scan, Bone Marrow Biopsy and MIBG Scan to evaluate the size of the residual mass left behind (hopefully nothing there), check the primary site to rule out new growth and of course make sure the disease hasn’t gotten to his bone marrow or spread to any other place in his body. Once we have the results, this will determine the next step. If the mass has completely shrunk to almost nothing, then we move onto TRANSPLANT at CHOP. If there is a small mass there, a 2nd surgery is possible to remove and have as little disease as possible before transplant. If this would happen, a "real" Round 6 chemo will be administered, however, the chemo meds will be determined at that time. We are remaining positive and with both Dr. Weinblatt and of course, Dr. Maris, as we know we are in the best of hands. Honestly, I am thrilled in a way that Round 5 will be non-existent! On another note, Nicholas was not in school today...his red blood counts were very low and needed a blood transfusion. Again, this is the result of Round 4 where your bone marrow gets hit harder and it takes longer for your levels to stabilize.  All in all, he wouldn’t have been ready for his next round today...sound good thing we extended it to next week. His weight is slowly coming back.  He weighed in at52lbs with our goal to be 55lbs by next Friday. 

Recovering from C-Diff at Home – Feb 20th – Feb 25th

These next couple of days got better as the days passed.  Coming home from the hospital with C-Diff, constantly in the bathroom, tummy aches and no appetite is not fun.  But there was light at the end of the tunnel.

Nicholas recovered at home as fast as he could.  The C-Diff infection affected his appetite which took a while to recover. He ate a few bites of all his meals here and there...but nothing like we saw a few weeks ago. His energy level dropped again, which was a result of his red blood cells dropping and that a transfusion was forthcoming.   We were so concerned about making sure he ate and gains a little weight back on before next Friday, which is the start of the horrible Round 5 (Exact at round 3)!

The next day, Nicholas doctors appointment went well. His levels on the rise...though his white cells still relatively low. Doctor was not concerned and said to resume as normal. My only wish is I wish Nicholas felt normal. He definitely was not up to par these days. His appetite was just not there...he hadn’t eaten all day and just had a few bites of some chicken and grapes. He was complaining about mouth/jaw pain. At first we thought it was bone pain which could develop from his most recent chemo, but after today's appt, doctor seems to think that Nicholas might have the beginning stages of a few mouth sores. The mouth sores are another side effect to the Round 4 chemo meds. Nevertheless, he put him on a medicated mouthwash to help subside the irritation and prevent them from becoming full blown mouth sores. Of course, without fuel, your motor doesn’t run...well, his energy level definitely was taking a hit from all of this.

We had a discussion with Dr. Weinblatt this morning regarding our next course of action with Round 5.  We were on schedule for Round 5 to begin next Friday, providing that he doesn’t have any more hearing loss. We were scheduled for a hearing test next Wed. If the hearing test comes back with further hearing loss, an adjustment to Round 5 would be made which can include eliminating Cisplatin altogether. I’m not sure what that meant exactly, but Dr. Weinblatt has been in contact with Dr. Maris @ CHOP and they were discussing the "maybes" should additional hearing loss be found. I’m aware from other NB moms that Cisplatin has affected their children to the point that they will need hearing aids because of this medication. We had a little concern considering that he may be taken off his treatment plan slightly and coming off protocol.  Nevertheless, we remain patient and see what next week would bring. For now...Nicholas is trying to enjoy himself when he gets the few bursts of energy and we keep praying that his appetite and energy will return so he can have a few "normal" days before heading back to the hospital next week.

A few more days after that, Nicholas returns!  Nicholas appetite had finally picked up!  Had a discussion with the doctor and advised us that Nicholas was ready for school once again.  Nicholas was excited to know that he was heading to school tomorrow.   I asked him..."So Nicholas, what do you think about going back to school?"...Nicholas replies..."Why not Mommy?...Im feeling better and I dont want to be home forever!" Loved it! Doctor also stated that he will not start Round 5 this Friday...instead, will wait a little longer...possibly another week to allow Nicholas to put on some weight. His hearing test scheduled for Wednesday, so the results of that would determine our next course of action for Round 5.  So for now...we pray Nicholas remains healthy so he can get some school time in and enjoy a little bit of "normalcy" again..

Hospital Stay – C-Diff Infection, Again! – Feb 16th – Feb 19th

So, I had a planned business trip from Feb 16th – Feb 19th in San Antonio, TX.  I was pretty bummed that I had to leave him while he’s in the hospital, but I know when he is with his daddy, he is in the best of hands. 

I came to visit Nicholas on Saturday before my departure and he looked horrible.  He had diarrhea, stomach cramps and nausea with mild vomiting. He was on heavy duty antibiotics since he had no immune system. He tested POSITIVE for C-Diff again!!  It was very sad that he had to go through this all over again.  This is the exact infection he encounters when we were in CHOP. Supposedly, it could possibly be that it never left his system and just went dormant. The body has lots of "good" and necessary bacteria along with the "bad" or dangerous bacteria. Clostridium difficile is a "bad" bacterium.  When you are healthy and not taking antibiotics, the millions of good bacteria in your system keep the c-diff under control and in smaller numbers. However, when you take an antibiotic, the levels of good bacteria are reduced down to a smaller number. If your c-diff is strong and doesn't get killed by the antibiotic along with the good bacteria, then it is possible that the c-diff will overpopulate inside your intestine or colon. When this happens, you may get the illness called clostridium difficile colitis (C-diff). So here we are again, not only is he dealing with low counts to stabilize, he’s dealing with this horrible infection all over again.  I ended up leaving him in ok spirits and told him that I would call everytime I had the chance too.  Off to San Antonio I went.

When I arrived in San Antonio, I called Nick and said that Nicholas was somewhat the same...very tired, no appetite and didn’t even want to sit in a chair. He did play some Xbox.  I got the chance to speak with him and along came an attitude.  I was happy about that…I say that is ALWAYS a positive sign of him getting better. Doctors were still waiting to get the 24hr blood culture results back in the morning to see if they can start easing off on the heavy duty antibiotics. Since Nicholas white blood count is zero, they need to make sure that there is no blood infection which can cause septic shock, which is why these kids are always on antibiotics with low blood counts to prevent or be proactive in treating an infection since their bodies cannot fight it off on their own.  The downside is to this is you can get C-Diff from certain antibiotics and C-Diff is hard to get rid off!

During the course of these next few days, Nicholas had lost his appetite and not eating.  He wasn’t running a fever, and was playing Xbox, which is a good sign.  His blood culture came out negative, which thankfully meant, no bacterial infection.  The stopped the antibiotics and started the horrible Flagyle medicine orally!  Nicholas HATES it…and it does taste absolutely horrible.  We found a way to ease the pain by popping mint tic-tacs right after he swallows the medicine and it worked!  His blood counts were still low and his white blood cells were not budging yet and still depleted completely, which means isolation mode and no visitors :-( ...his red blood cells were dropping again, which meant another blood transfusion and his platelets were neutral and retaining their levels. He was now down to 51.5 lbs! It was so sad since he had reached 55lbs and had gained 6lbs within the last couple of weeks.  The good thing is they kept him on the appetite as soon he feels better...she should start eating again. Doctor says the C-Diff would definitely cause lack of appetite!

The next day, Feb 18th, was a great day.  Nicholas smile had returned! He was in much better spirits and his energy going up. He was taken off the strong antibiotics. His blood counts still low, but doctors said they should start a turnaround in the middle of the week. His platelets are low and are anticipating a platelet transfusion tomorrow. Doctor stated the C-Diff was definitely the cause of his fever, fatigue and weakness.  The doctor also increased his appetite stimulant dosage and would need to see him eating and drinking before he would consider releasing him.  Nicholas had no interest in eating…especially hospital food.  I felt that once we was at home in his own environment, he would definitely eat something. 

Nicholas ended up having a great night and slept well. His levels were still dropping, although his red blood count did not call for a transfusion just yet. His white blood count was still at zero and hadn’t budged and his platelets dropped to 19 which meant a platelet transfusion. 

In the midst of getting a platelet transfusion, we needed to stop it as Nicholas had a reaction and broke out in hives. They treated him with some cortisone and allowed the hives and itching to subside. They restarted the transfusion and he did ok after that. His energy and spirits kept rising and he kept smiling and joking. He was still not eating and still has the diarrhea. They were debating on whether or not to keep him another night or send us home today. The concern remained his nutrition and staying hydrated on his own at home. Luckily, they decided to let him go home…and we were so happy to do so!

A Bit of a Roller-Coaster – February 11th – February 15th

These next days ahead played a bit of a roller coaster ride for us.  Here we have enjoyed watching our son get a bit stronger, playing, going to school and feeling like a normal kid…and then we have to see him go through this all over again.  It was a difficult transition, but we have to deal with it as it comes.

His return home started out great.  We were amazed to see how well he had responded to Round 4.  No complaints of nausea, no vomiting, appetite quickly returned and was energetic.  We actually thought, wow…he’s got this round beat.  Well, his coloring had started to become affect and had the pale skin and dark shadows around his eyes.  We were anticipating this since we were told that Round 4 hits the bone marrow pretty hard and what the most difficult part is to get your blood counts stabilized.  

We noticed that Nicholas had started to lose his eyebrows and eyelashes at this point.  A transition we were not looking forward to, however, is inevitable. 

When we took him to the doctors for a checkup on Feb 13th, his levels had started to take the expected dive.  His white blood count almost depleted, which means risk for infection, which means limited visitors and germ interaction.  Our next follow up is on Friday, Feb 15th.  Doctors are anticipating a hospital admission if Nicholas were to run a fever at this point as well as a blood transfusion.  So, at this time, we are just hoping for the best and trying to keep him comfortable and germ free.

Happy Valentine’s Day! – This was such a special day and so happy that Nicholas was home for it.  Nicholas woke up this morning very anxious to hand me my beautiful Valentine’s Day card.  The card was touching, but the look on his face and the innocence of handing it to me, hearing his little voice and kissing my cheek was just priceless.  It is just amazing how sometimes in life we take these little gestures for granted when life is going smoothly.  But when life takes a sharp turn, you suddenly realize what really matters.  The twinkle in his eyes, the smile that makes my heart melt, his little fingers and hands that I so often hold, his silliness that makes my day easier, his attitude which confirms he's feeling well, his bad boy side which allows him to make his own decisions even when we think they are wrong...these are the things I am most thankful for.

Here we are, February 15th and heading to the doctors for our follow up visit.  As expected, Nicholas' levels had dropped. Nicholas had been very lethargic these last couple of days and today we are at the doctors for blood counts. His white blood cell count is now completely depleted to ZERO, which means he is at high risk for infection and his body will not be able to fight it off on his own. This is the point where he will need limited handling, no visitors, basically isolation until his white cells are back on the rise. Any type of fever would put him in the hospital. He didn’t have a fever yet.. His red blood cells were VERY low, which means he needed a blood transfusion today. His platelets were also low, but no need for platelets yet. It ended up being a full day and the doctors were contemplating whether or not to admit Nicholas.   He continued to show signs of weakness, slept all day and vomited as well. Once the blood transfusion is over, they will administer antibiotics just in case there is something brewing. He wasnt running a fever, but doctors felt perhaps we should take precaution and have him on an IV and monitor him tonight. His immune system...well there was none.  After the blood transfusion was over, Nicholas did show little signs of improvement and the doctors decided to send him home.  They did leave his port accessed with the anticipation that Nicholas would return sometime this weekend.

Sadly, only 1 ½ hours after we got home, Nicholas started running a fever of 101.9. It completely spiked without warning. So, we get back into the car and head back to the hospital.  The interesting part is Nicholas did not give us a fight.  He knew he felt crappy and knows that the hospital will make him feel all better.  Nicholas was admitted and had started on antibiotics, IV fluids and be monitored throughout the night and most likely for a couple of days.

Evening of Enlightenment Event with Sandy – February 10th

While Nicholas was in the hospital today with Nick, I, along with Team Pedone organized our first fundraiser for Nicholas.  Thanks to our very dear friend, Sandy, who has an ability and gift of connecting with our loved ones that have passed, had approached us to do this event.  Sandy volunteered her time so that all proceeds can go towards Nicholas recovery fund.  The event attracted 250 people with the major of them coming from our local communities. A Chinese Auction, Grand Prize Raffle, Tshirts, Bracelets was available to all the guests for purchase.  The event was a huge success and we are grateful for Sandy’s support and compassion towards Nicholas and our Family. 

To my surprise, when I came home and walked through the door, I was thrilled to have seen that Nicholas was released from the hospital and was waiting for me to come home! 

Since he was running a fever last night, we immediately assumed that he would be kept another night for monitoring, so that last thing I expected was Nicholas to be home!  The doctors decided to send him home anyways.  The feeling I had walking through the door, after an exhausting, yet most satisfying day was priceless!

He told me he was waiting up to surprise me…and he certainly achieved that!  It was the best surprise!

Chemo Round 4 – Feb 8th – Feb 10th

Here we were in the hospital for Round 4, getting hit with the Blizzard of the Year!  The interesting part is when Hurricane Sandy hit; we were in the hospital as well.  There is no safest place, I must say!

Round 4 consisted of 3 different medications that are administered.  The nice part is it’s only for 3 days vs our normal 5 days.  One of them has common side effects of tingling and numbness in finger and jaw pain.  Another has possible side effect of heart damage and skin discoloration and the main one side effect is nausea with the one 6hour drip alone.  Nicholas happened to have tolerated this round rather well.  Besides the tiredness, he didn’t really have any nausea.  His appetite was starting to become affected slightly and hospital doesn’t make it any better.  When one of the nurses came in to deliver a meal and Nicholas clenched his nose and said it smelled, that was a good indication that nausea was short coming.  He rested a lot, but all in all, these 3 days came and went with no problems really. He was running a slight fever on Saturday, which leads me to believe that he may be here for another day or so, which seems to be the pattern these days.

Overall, Round 4 has been the easiest round we have experienced thus far!

Enjoying some “more” normalcy – Feb 4th – Feb 7th

These last couples of weeks have just been just wonderful.  We can honestly say that it has been the first 2wks since diagnosis where Nicholas actually enjoyed himself.  The extra week off from chemo really did us all good.

Nicholas overall felt great, is going to school and has put on 6.5lbs!  It has been so great to sit back and watch him have some fun and feel like a normal 7yr old should feel.   On Feb 6th, Nicholas had a small procedure done which required him to be put under anesthesia.  The procedure was to remove a stitch abscess that hadn’t healed from his surgery back in October.  It started to get bigger and bothersome and the doctors felt it was a good time to remove it.  It was done as an outpatient and was not invasive at all.  Unfortunately, it was an all day ordeal, but we got home and he felt absolutely fine.  He rested and went to school the next day!   That evening Nicholas once again, had the opportunity to go to a Rangers game and so he did!  This was a NY Rangers vs NY Islanders at MSG!  Thanks to Delta Air Lines (my employer), they were able to arrange Nicholas to ride the Zamboni!  Nicholas loved it…he waved at the crowd and enjoyed being on the ice, riding around feeling like a king!  

All in all, these have been the best weeks so far and we enjoyed them tremendously.  Unfortunately, tomorrow we head for Chemo Round 4.
Today, Nicholas had a surgical procedure done in the hospital. Nothing serious or invasive, though he was put under anesthesia and a small incision was made to remove a stitch abscess that developed from his surgery scar. It ended up being an all day know hospitals and recovery time! Nicholas will be back in school tomorrow and off to a Rangers Game tomorrow night. Unfortunately, this ride is coming to a halt very soon as he starts Chemo Round #4 on Friday. Tomorrow is another good day and we will take all we can get...let's deal with Friday when it gets here...and hopefully we wont get hit with a blizzard! :-) Stay tuned everyone...updates on Nicholas will be coming soon...

Wow…An amazing end to January and start to February –
January 28th – Feb 3rd

Normalcy continued throughout this week and Nicholas got to complete 1 full week at school since October!  He absolutely loved it and even participated in his Community Project where each student got a chance to pick a community building of their choice.  They learned about the necessity of it, what would it mean to the community if this building/shop didn’t exist, etc.   Nicholas created his “Best Sports Shop” building.  He knows that if this wouldn’t exist in our community, then the children would not have a local place to buy their sports gear.  Considering what a huge sports fan he is…to Nicholas, this is a necessity not a want!

The rest of the week went great and came to an end with no setbacks.  Nicholas had a wonderful time feeling normal and being around his peers. 

Come the weekend as we enter in February, on February 2nd – Thanks to our very dear and close friends, Anthony & Jennifer Congero – A hockey sporting event took place at the NY Islanders Iceworks for the little guys to play some tournaments.  Each team had to contribute a certain amount of money.  This event was named “Net One for Nicholas”.  All proceeds of this event went towards Nicholas’ recovery fund.  The event was a success!  The boys had a great time on the ice and the parents enjoyed watching!  Nicholas felt great and was even able to go and support all of the players…he loves to watch hockey!  There were beverages, refreshments, Tshirts and bracelets being sold.  The winning team got trophies and metals!  It was just unbelievable and we are grateful for all the support that has been given to us.  Thank you AJ and Jen!

On February 3rd….we get a phone call to tell us that this event made it in the NY Post!  Nicholas is starting to feel like a little celebrity.  The article was amazing and even an Islander player commented about Nicholas who even gave a generous donation on his online fundraiser.  This week was a great one all together! 

On February 2nd – We also get another surprise!  Thanks to our dear friend Mike Graziosi who contacted our local Stop N Shop supermarket…a local “shoppers” collection was being conducted since December in honor of Nicholas to help raise money for our family.  Every cashier had an envelope on at the register and would ask our local shoppers if they wanted to donate to our local warrior fighting his biggest battle of his life!  Interestingly, I avoided Stop N Shop for a while, not knowing how I would feel seeing all of this.  Well, last week I walk up to the register to cash out and I notice the green envelope near the register.  I remained calm and quiet.  When it was time to pay, the cashier turns to me and says “Would you like to donate to Nicholas Pedone, he is fighting cancer in Glen Cove”?  Well, as my eyes filled up with tears, I say to the cashier, “thank you for what you are doing for my son”.  She looks at me and repeats what I just said with enthusiasm and with empathy, says…”you are Nicholas mother?”  and I say “yes, I am.”….she immediately put her hand to her heart and her eyes filled up with tears and told me that she prays for Nicholas every night!   Thank you Mike for your connection and for initiating this fundraiser!  It was a complete success.  I am still blown away by this unbelievable community we live in!  We do have by far the best community around!

Enjoying some Normalcy – January 24th – January 27th

I don’t have too much to say for these next couple of days only that Nicholas is enjoying some time feeling like a normal 7year old should!  Going to school, doing homework, playing Xbox, playing with family and friends!  His spirits are up and usually are regardless. 

A visit to the doctors and his platelets are on the rise which means no restrictions on physical play!  DR also stated that since they are so thrilled about Nicholas sonogram results, he will give him an extra week to recoup from Round 3 with the hopes that he puts on a little weight!  This means Round 4 is now extended to start on Feb 8th!

His appetite stimulant is starting to work since he’s been telling us that he is "STARVING" and we haven’t heard those words in a long time! His breakfast menu has changed a bit due to his palate Pasta seems to play a big part in his cravings lately! 

Not only is Nicholas feeling normal, so are we.  Normalcy at home, at work and life in general feels great! 

Big Scare – Bladder Hemorrhage – January 22-23rd 

After such a great day today, tonight before going to bed, Nicholas went to the bathroom and to our surprise...his urine was RED and mostly blood! We immediately contacted the doctor and said his platelets were probably low. We had an appt for tomorrow morning for a blood count checkup and they advised it was ok to wait till the morning.  Nicholas wasn’t scared and we made light of it, although I had a knot in my throat!  We pretended it was nothing and joked and said his pee-pee looked like Cranberry juice.  He found that amusing and didn’t seem to bother him.  That is how much he trusts us!  I don’t think I slept much knowing the unknown.  Not knowing what was going on in his little body and he was urinating blood!  I woke up in the middle of the night to checkup on him…it was very scary but was so happy to see the sunlight in the morning!

Next morning, Nicholas’ urine was even bloodier, dark and red. I noticed a few more bruises on his body and noticed some dried blood on his chappy lips.  Im wondering if he has any platelets at all!  We get into the car to head to the doctors and he started with a minor nosebleed, thankfully, not a gusher.  At that point, I got very nervous.  I couldn’t get to the doctors fast enough.  Your mind plays tricks with you and sometimes cant help but think of crazy things!  Nevertheless, all I will say is I was very happy to have finally arrived!  When we got could feel the urgency waiting for Nicholas.  They immediately accessed his port, took blood, platelets were ready for transfusion.  We were just waiting for the blood results to know for sure.  He was experiencing some bladder hemorrhaging. His bloods count came back and his platelets were completely depleted to 1. Normal range is 150-400. That is very dangerous.  This is a result of his chemo of course.  They immediately started the platelet transfusion.  Other than that...he was happy go lucky with no associated pain and really wanted to go to school. Today was definitely a no-show for school. Doctors said we should start seeing an improvement in his urine throughout the day and this transfusion should stop the bleeding. As long as there is improvement, he can go to school tomorrow, however without physical activity to avoid and prevent falling and bruising.

We got home around 2pm and by 5pm, his urine was clean and clear!  We all got very excited and he was happy to know that back to school we went! This was a very scary experience, one I don’t ever want to experience again!

1st Day of School since Dec – January 22nd

What an AMAZING DAY!! Nicholas was so excited to wake up this morning to head off to school. He ate a few bites of breakfast which was better than yesterday. It looks like the appetite is coming around.

We knew that the class was going to wear their Team Pedone – North Shore Warriors T-Shirt and so we had Nicholas wear his, without telling him about his classmates.

Both Nick and I took him to school this morning a bit later so the teacher had some time to speak with the class about Nicholas’ return.  To our surprise, as we approached the door, Mr. Papa, part of the security staff that meets and greets anyone accessing the building, comes to open the door and is wearing the “Team Pedone – North Shore Warriors T-Shirt!” 

We continue to walk into his classroom and ALL the children with HUGE smiles on their faces greeted Nicholas as well as his teacher and social worker. Everyone was SO excited to welcome Nicholas back to school and EVERY student in his class including his amazing teacher, Ms. DiRe are ALL wearing their Team Pedone - North Shore Warriors T-Shirt to make his first day back a memorable one!

As we said goodbye and we walked out, I was holding back the tears! We continued to walk out of the school and noticed one faculty member after another wearing the Team Pedone T-Shirt!! Library, Music, office, other teachers...this was just incredible and felt like a Team Pedone Day at Glen Head Elementary, ALL for Nicholas!  This is what this school is all about!  We were so grateful to everyone for making Nicholas first day back so great and memorable! Kudos to North Shore Glen Head Elementary School!!! They did an absolute fine job dealing with Nicholas situation and turning it into a positive experience for all involved!   There were lessons learned on all parts that day!  I hope the children realized how much that meant to Nicholas and how special they were for wearing a t-shirt to support a friend for a good cause!   Nicholas had such a great day…he came home smiling and was looking back to going back tomorrow!!

Home Time – Sonogram Results – January 16th – January 21st

Nicholas is still struggling with some nausea and vomiting, but is home on IV fluids. After today’s follow-up at doctors, we decided to keep him on IV fluids another day and hopefully remove it tomorrow. They will also put him on an appetite stimulant to try and fatten him up a bit. He's lost 3 lbs from round 3...a total of 13lbs to date. Everything he's experienced is completely normal, although he did not tolerate this round as expected.

While we were in the hospital, they had performed an abdominal sonogram as a pre-assessment as to how he is responding to the chemo. The doctor informed us that although a sonogram is not the best for small details, it can give us a indication of new mass growth and old mass size. There was NO new growth seen on his right adrenal gland, which was his primary growth site! This is EXCELLENT! Even better, the sonogram could not identify a mass at all, not even the residual one!! HARD TO BELIEVE! The doctor did say that doesn’t mean the mass is gone, but considering the size that was left...the sonogram could have picked it up and it didn’t. What this does mean is that only after 2 rounds of chemo (test was done during the 3rd), the results prove that Nicholas is responding GREAT to the treatments so far! If he continues to respond this well, there is a good chance that the residual tumor will shrink to nothing and Nicholas will not need a 2nd surgery. We needed this news...after such a horrible chemo experience...this puts things into perspective a bit...fight the good fight with all your the will be a winner my son!!

Nicholas is still struggling even after is his IV fluids were removed which means that it's up to him to keep himself hydrated. He’s been drinking a bit...but still not eating anything. He's been vomiting at least 1x a day still which delays us from giving him the appetite stimulant medication. We weighed him this morning and now he's down a total of 5lbs from round all...15lbs todate. He was complaining about stomach pain this morning and seems a bit lethargic and went back to sleep. Ultimately, Nicholas is very excited to return to school this week...with the hopes of returning on Tuesday.

After 4days of being home, today was a big improvement from yesterday. He has started to drink more and keeping himself hydrated. He is still not eating but showing signs of cravings. He put gum in his mouth for the first time in 2wks and just had a vanilla wafer cookie.  He vomited this morning, but so far today he’s kept all his fluids down. We have been in constant contact with DR today and said that this is no longer related to chemo at this point. This is now a cyclical process where hes developed a spasm in his belly due to all the vomiting incurred. The doctor explained, the more he eats and drinks, the better he will feel and the vomiting and nausea will go away. He’s trying so hard, but fearful and I cant blame him.

Well here we are on Monday, January 21st off from school from Martin Luther King Day!  We were so excited that Nicholas had a better day and an even better evening! Nicholas managed to not vomit today, played, ate a few more goldfish, drank a lot more and for the first time in 2 wks...we sat down together as a family for dinner with Nicholas eating some pasta!! This was his first real bite of anything in almost 2wks. His also started him on the appetite stimulant this afternoon, though the effects are not seen for at least 3-4 days! We were so grateful for this turnaround and very excited that Nicholas will be in school tomorrow where he belongs and so far overdue! Nicholas missed school and his friends tremendously. Nicholas went to bed knowing his school bedtime is 8pm and anxious to wake up in the morning! He went to sleep really happy with big smiles and his before lying down looks at me and says..."Mommy, I think my energy is coming back." Thank you God for putting an end to this horrible chemo round!   

Chemo Round 3 – January 9th – January 15th

We knew Round 3 was going to be difficult, but would never have imagined the effect it would have physically on Nicholas and mentally on us! 

During Round 3 there are 2 chemo drugs that are administered.  One is called Etposide – which comes with your normal side effects of mild nausea/vomiting, loss of appetite, hair loss and low blood counts.  The 2nd one is called Cisplatin.  Cisplatin a monster drug.  It comes with stronger nausea/vomiting, loss of appetite, hearing loss may occur; kidney damage and low blood counts are the common side effects.

We planned on a 4-day stay and knew it was going to be a hard one and that it suppresses the appetite which is one of our concerns since Nicholas has lost about 10lbs since Oct. His appetite was finally stabilizing and here we were back to square 1.  His first 2 days weren’t so bad.  He felt tired and didn’t really complain about nausea.  On day 3 of chemo, Nicholas was still handling it pretty well. This chemo technically would give you round the clock vomiting if it weren’t for the anti-nausea medications he was on. He hadnt eaten not 1 crumb in 2 days, but that is normal and he would probably end up throwing it up anyway. He did great with the exception of 12midnight when he had to take his medication for his C-Diff. That medication is absolutely horrible tasting. Not only did he have to get woken up out of a deep sleep, he had to orally take the medicine which he ended throwing it up and then some. I wondered what else he could possibly throw up since he hadn’t eaten. Well, it was all the water he's been drinking and probably a little bile in the mix. He handled everything like a champ...lots of dirty clothes and sheets...he would just get up, we changed him, the bed...and he was fine and back to sleep he went.

After 17hours, Nicholas finally decides to wake up the next morning. Though, he woke up feel very yucky. He was lethargic, nauseous and just very weak. He was given a dosage of Zofran and that helped a lot. ZiZi Teresa walks in with Nerf Glow Basketball. He didn’t seem so enthused but once Teresa started playing, his attitude changed and he started get energized a bit. He ended up having a little fun that night…so energized and happy again, he got out of bed with all his machines surrounding him playing basketball in his hospital room! Tournaments were going on with Nicholas, ZiZi Teresa and Aunt Krissy! We got a lot of attention from the nurses as they pop in to see what was going on...LOL...I guess the ball bouncing off the walls and door may have been the cause of that! The nurses are amazing! 

Unfortunately, it’s now Sunday and we were told that we were NOT going home today as the affects of the chemo had kicked in. Nicholas was sleeping a lot and vomiting a lot too. He did find some time in between to laugh, smile and joke, but this time, those moments were few and in between. He hadn't eaten in 4days and so all he was vomiting was bile and fluids. Doctors were concerned of dehydration if he was released today, since his last treatment is today. They decided to keep him an extra day to monitor him in the hospital and quite honestly, I'd rather it that way. Nevertheless, so far, this is the worst we had seen him in regards to his tolerance to the chemo meds. We were hoping that Nicholas would be an exception, but the reality of it is, he was experiencing the most common side effect to the meds and that really is ok.

Here we are on Monday and we were just informed that we would be staying 1 more night. Nicholas did not have a good night or a good morning. His vomiting was a bit worse from yesterday and the diarrhea didn’t help. The concern still remained to be dehydration. The afternoon was a little better. The doctors told us we should start seeing relief and a turnaround tomorrow. His red blood count was low and they proceeded with a blood transfusion. His C-Diff test was negative, so we were happy that the bacterial intestinal infection is gone. The anti-nausea meds had been round the clock and he was being monitored and kept one more night to make him more comfortable with the hopes that the nausea subsides for tomorrow's discharge. This had been the toughest so far...but the worst part of this round seemed to be almost over...only better from here with the coming days...and...Since there are 6 rounds of chemo...we start counting down...only 3 more rounds to go!

I had a difficult time with this round.  You would never think that you would experience what you see in the movies…right in front of you, the difference…its your child.  The weakness, the nausea, the excessive vomiting of bile, the pale color of the skin, the dark circles around the eyes…I felt like I was about to crumble.  Nicholas did not tolerate this treatment well. He was not eating or drinking on his own yet, which meant another night in the hospital. Tomorrow would be 7days in the hospital. He was really hoping to be released and go home today. When the doctors informed us that he needed to stay another night, the look on his face, the glassy eyes and the sadness he portrayed bought me to tears. A child should not be going through something like this...being stripped of a childhood and living 50% of his time in a hospital...does not include all the doctor follow-up visits, blood tests, scans, isolation periods due to low blood counts at home…Does not include all the times he get poked at, touched, pushed on, shots, port access, temperature checks, blood pressure checks, blood transfusions, nausea, weakness, tiredness, boredom, loneliness and sadness. This doesn't include loss of schooling, not playing sports, not being around friends.   But this finally all came to an end…

On Tuesday, we were finally told we were going home!! A complete 360 from the night before! He ate a few goldfish and kept them down, spirits were up, his energy back and his smile was pasted to know he was going home!! As we say...his smile is forever our strength...thank you lord for lifting us up when we felt like we were crashing! 

Home Time – Before Round 3 of Chemo- January 6th – January 8th

We all enjoyed waking up Sunday morning in our own home with Nicholas there smiling.  Nicholas spent the day with his cousins as Mommy and Daddy took down all the Christmas decorations.  He was so excited to be around people again and didn’t want to come home!  He had a blast and I was happy to know he had lots of fun.

We tried to do as much as possible.  With so much going on…we find ourselves trying to be 1 step ahead, since you can fall back 2 steps at times.  Christmas decorations were put away, caught up on laundry, mail, phone calls etc. 

These next couple of days were going to be spent very leisurely as we get ready for the horrible Round 3 of Chemo.  I don’t like to think about it to much as I try to take things one day at a time.  For the moment, Nicholas appetite was stabilizing, energy was back full force and he is enjoying himself and we are enjoying watching him and knowing that he is having fun and smiling, as always!

Stem Cell Harvest – CHOP (Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia)
January 2nd – January 5th

After a late night…Nicholas wakes up this morning with no problem and a big smile on his face!  He still in mesmerized about the fact that he took pictures with him favorite players!

Nevertheless, the car ride to PA was quick and making it there a little over 2hours later.  When we arrived, they quickly admitted us and we got into our room.  The hospital was great and very clean.  I must admit though, it is a different feel from our hospital at Winthrop.  CHOP is the #1 hospital to treat Neuroblastoma and they have all the advanced features, medicines, technology and machinery…but you don’t have that family feel like you do at Winthrop.  You do feel like a number.  They are just too big to be able to provide you with that type of treatment.  It’s ok…but you do miss that very warm, personal feeling.  Winthrop pediatric nurses have become like family…everyone know us by name…and everyone loves Nicholas! 

On the 2nd, he was scheduled to have his central line (catheter) inserted in his neck.  They wanted to use the sedation method, without going under general anesthesia.  But, since Nicholas had just gotten over a fever and had a slight cough, they decided that Nicholas needed to go under general anesthesia.  The central line placement went well with no complications.  Nicholas had this very uncomfortable tube sticking out of his neck and a large bandage dressing.  He didn’t complain much, but it was evident that he was uncomfortable.  A trooper as always!  That night though…he ended up running a very high fever, higher than ever at 104.1.  They immediately gave him antibiotics assuming if he has an infection, they would start treating it right away.  We didn’t know where this fever was coming from.  At first we thought maybe it had something to do with his central line procedure…but that all looked good.  They ended up taking some blood work and decided to test him for the Flu.  Well…wouldn’t you know it…he was diagnosed with Influenza A…the Flu again!   We were really upset when we heard this and asked ourselves it if could have anything to do with the Knicks game.  After evaluating it and speaking to the doctors…this could have very well been since his fever before the New Year!   In any event, the fever was treated and would not affect his harvest for tomorrow.

On January 3rd, he was scheduled for his stem cell harvest.  That was pretty easy and painless.  The worst part was sitting in a room for 5 hours as his stem cells were collected.  There was no pain associated with this.  We did notice Nicholas’ cough getting a little more persistent which is obviously from the flu.  We went back to the room afterwards and waiting for the results to make sure that they collected enough.  In the interim, Nicholas played some Xbox and was in good spirits.  Suddenly, he tells us that he needs to go to the bathroom and has diarrhea.  We reported this to the nurses right away and they decide to test him for C-Diff.  C-Diff is a bacterial infection in your intestines that is usually encountered by being on excessive antibiotic therapy or from hospital environments.  We were informed that this is contagious and we were in isolation basically.  So now we had the FLU and C-Diff playing against us!  Well, guess what…we were going home tomorrow.  We were told that they were going to keep us one more night to make sure Nicholas flu symptoms subside and he gets a few antibiotic doses in him to start treating C-Diff.

In the end…everything went well.  Nicholas had to take this antibiotic for 10days and we were released to go home on Saturday.  By the time we got home…it was time for bed.  The ride was uneventful…but we were happy to be home!

January 1st, 2013!!  Happy New Year – Courtside NY Knicks Tickets

Happy New Year…well…honestly, I questioned that.  It was bittersweet.  You ask yourself…Is it “really” a Happy New Year?  Your child being diagnosed with cancer just a few months ago and knowing the journey that lies ahead, really…how can we find happiness in this? 

Well, when I really analyzed this, I said to myself…Nicholas is special and that is why he was chosen to take on the challenge in life and fight this war.  He has to fight hard and has a chance to overcome this with the help of God, his family and friends supporting and praying for him.  Just a few weeks before, we had the tragedy take place in Connecticut.  When I thought about what happened in CT at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, I looked at things a bit differently. 

1st…Nicholas is fighting and suffering, but he is here smiling, talking, laughing and crying.  Nicholas is here and is able to hug us, love us, tell us how he feels and vice versa.  We see him every day and tell him how much he means to us and how much we love him.  We cherish those moments now more than ever.  On the contrary, those children in CT, those children went to school that day…their parents dropped them off with their book bags on their backs, packed lunches, kissed their mommy or daddy goodbye, not knowing it was goodbye forever.  Those children’s lives were taken from them so quickly with no warning.  Those parents live today and everyday with the feeling of never being able to hear their little voices call for them again, tell them I love you…never feel their little hands caress their face, touch their hands or hug them ever again.  These are the things I thought of.  I suddenly said…there are always people out there with a worse situation than yourself, even when you don’t think that is possible, there is.  We sometimes have to look at those worse situations, to come to peace with your own.  My heart breaks for them and I wish to never experience such a thing.  Although Nicholas is very sick, we pray every day that this too shall pass.  In the end, we are able to talk to each other, feel for each other and hug each other and for that, I am grateful.

Hence…my next 2nd point…Courtside Knicks Tickets!  Thanks to our very dear friends Carol and Mia and their connections to MSG, we were gifted 2 courtside seat tickets for Nicholas to go watch his favorite basketball team up close and personal! When were told about this opportunity, we were so excited for Nicholas, however kept it from him until the day of since we can’t seem to commit to much these days as Nicholas’ health is unpredictable.  Nevertheless, we had mentioned this opportunity to some other dear friends whom are very close to us, literally, Mike and Janice our neighbors!  Come to find out, they are also very connected in the basketball arena and arranged for Nicholas to experience Pre-Game on the court and watch the players play and shoot some hoops! 

Well, the point is this…Nicholas was just sick and free of a fever only 24hours.  Tomorrow, Jan 2nd is a big day as we head to PA for his stem cell harvest.  We were torn!  What do we do?  Do we miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to protect Nicholas health or do we risk it and deal with it if and when we are faced with it.

Many people or parents may have dealt with this differently.  We went back and forth with it until 1hour before the train ride.  That is when we finally decided what to do.  One of his doctors once told us…as long as he’s up to doing something, his levels are good and he’s feeling good…then let him be.  Allow him to live life like a 7year old boy deserves to live and do what children are supposed to do.  Don’t live life with “what if”. 

We said to ourselves…when will he have this opportunity again?  Although germs are growing like wildfire, we do take precaution with face masks.  We said to ourselves…you know…today is a promise…tomorrow is not.  Lets live for today and deal with tomorrow when and if it ever comes.  So, on that note…Nicholas goes to the Knicks game!!

The best decision we could have made!  Nicholas gets surprised 1hour before he is supposed to get on a train!  He’s so excited and thrilled to wear his Knicks Carmelo Jersey again!  Nick keeps the seats a secret until they get there.  He goes to Pre-Game…he sits on the Knicks bench as he watches the Knicks practice.  He meets Carmelo Anthony, JR Smith and Novak and take up and personal pictures with them!  He meets the Knicks City Dancers and gets autographs!  Then…his seats so up close that he even makes the TV screen.  It was a magical night and a memorable one!  

Thank you to Carole, Mia, Mike and Janice!  We love you guys…please check out the pics!  They are amazing.  Ps…a signed Carmelo Anthony jersey follows in the mail for Nicholas!!

New Year’s Eve and Sick Again!-  December 27th – December 31st

We were so thrilled with the way the Christmas Holiday season was going so far.  He had an unforgettable Christmas ever, which is with no doubt.  The support of the community, family and friends were endless.  Unfortunately, that came to a mere stop.  Nicholas started running a fever on December 27th which led us back to the doctor’s office for blood work.  His blood work came out fine and levels were good.  The great thing was that he didn’t need to be admitted.  We went home, but Nicholas struggled with this fever for 3days without breaking it.  Nicholas’ fever was around 102.0 and was being controlled with Tylenol and Motrin round the clock.

There were 3 things on our mind at this point…#1…New Years Eve…#2…Courtside Seat Tickets to the Knicks Game which Nicholas was not aware of and…#3…Stem Cell Harvest at Chop on Jan 2nd.  Of course, our 1st priority is that Nicholas remains as healthy as possible to ensure that his Stem Cell Harvesting would be successful. 

On New Year’s Eve morning we headed back to the doctors for a recheck.  The doctors felt that this virus or fever was on the way out, however, needed to inform CHOP to see if we should still proceed with the harvest since he had also developed a bit of a cough.  After checking with CHOP, we were released to still go to PA on the 2nd.  Nicholas was still running a fever and it finally broke at around 5pm that evening after 3 days.  We spent the evening at home having a family TV night.  We had take-out and watched one of Nicholas favorite movies, Diary of a Wimpy Kid.  I didn’t think Nicholas was going to make it, but he stayed up till midnight.  We watched Rockin Eve on TV and rang in the New Year with Nicholas being fever free!   Of course, as happy as we were to have him awake and home, we also know the reality that Nicholas illness will make this New Year a challenging one.

Christmas Eve / Christmas Day – December 24th – December 25th

One of our prayers this season was to have Nicholas healthy for the holidays so he can be surrounded by his family and not in a hospital.  We are so grateful that those prayers were answered!  On December 24th, Nicholas had another blood level recheck.  Glad to see that all his levels are rising…white blood cell count, excellent!  Red blood cell count…good!  Platelets…Still a little low, but on the rising trend! We will take that!  We go back to the doctors next Monday for a recheck before heading to PA for stem cell harvesting.

On Christmas Eve, as our family tradition, we spend it at Nonna’s and Papa’s house…7 seafood dishes, lots of food, the whole family sitting around and enjoying each other’s company.  Nicholas was healthy, smiling and energetic…that made our Christmas that much better!

On Christmas Day, Nicholas woke up not knowing is Santa was coming, since Santa visited early this year!  Well, to his surprise, Santa did stop by and dropped off a few more gifts for him to open Christmas morning!  We had dinner at Zii Zii Teresa’s house.  Again, surrounded by family and food, Nicholas enjoyed himself playing and laughing…I couldn’t have asked for anything more this Christmas.

Our Wonderful Community – December 22nd – December 24th

We can’t let this holiday season go without the acknowledgement of our wonderful family, friends and community!  We must acknowledge all of you who have gone out on a limb to help us, support us, care and pray for us and think of us.

From homemade dinners being cooked for us, to cheerful cookies personally delivered, to Christmas gifts being left at our front door,  to friends and family stopping by and spending time with us, to friends and families wanting to help us and invest their time into fundraising ideas and so much more….we Thank You!!!  You are filling our lives with some much love, prayer and support and we are grateful!  We don’t know where we would be without you all!  Love you all! xoxo

1st Week Anniversary of Website and Facebook Page – December 22nd

An honorable mention to my brother, Joe Greco!  Joe encouraged us to build a website for Nicholas to raise awareness and start a fundraiser.   Not only did Joe encourage us, Joe has taken on this very big responsibility of building it, designing it, making sure the functionalities work, managing the fundraiser ideas, etc.  Without Joe’s creativity and push, we would not have this tool in place to help us, help others and raise awareness to childhood cancers.

It is unbelievable to see the out pour of people that come together at a time of need.  Each and every person has contributed and shown a tremendous amount of support.  We have reached people from all over the US, Australia, South Africa, Europe and even Afghanistan!   The messages are warm, sincere and some very deep…some of them where “we” are making a difference in some else’s life too!  This is just incredible and Im so happy to have taken it this far so fast!

With 1 week that our website went public…we have had almost 9500 visitors to Nicholas website, over 1000 likes on Facebook and reached 25% of our fundraiser goal. That is AMAZING! We are truly thankful to all of you, because without you all helping and supporting us, this would not have been possible, nor would we have reach these astronomical numbers in such a short amount of time! It is just amazing to see all the love out there that we have surrounding us, all near and far. Again, we cannot thank you enough.

Santa Surprises Nicholas Early – December 21st

Sergeant Pete Dimaggio of the Glen Cove Police Department, a long time friend of the family since childhood heard about Nicholas diagnosis.  Sergeant Pete Dimaggio, along with the help of Sergeant Ryan Nardone and Police Officer Frank Deluca started a fundraiser for Nicholas backed up by the Glen Cove Police Department, Glen Cove Fire Dept and Glen Cove EMS. This fundraiser allowed for Santa to visit Nicholas with an array of lights and sirens that lit up the sky and all of our eyes in tears! Nicholas’ most wanted gifts were delivered as well as a donation towards Nicholas fundraiser.

Words cannot express the feeling we had that night.  Hearing the sirens from afar coming through town, waiting to see the lights swing around the corner…the anticipation, the excitement, the crowd…all for Nicholas!  There were about 10 cops cars and 2-3 fire trucks and EMS vehicles…our property was lit up you would never think it was night time!  We were surrounded by our closest family members, neighbors, police officers, volunteer fire fighters and EMS!  It was just amazing! 

Then to top it off, we had the local papers covering the story as well as Channel 12 Long Island News !  We waited up to see it on the 10 o’clock news…we were speechless!  Nicholas was so excited to see himself on TV! 

It is amazing to see such a strong community come together to make a difference.  Kudos and hats off to the Glen Cove men in blue!  We are so proud to be part of this loving and caring community…we will forever be grateful to you all.

A very warm thank you to all involved with an honorable mention to Pete Dimaggio for making this happen. This event will forever be remembered as Nicholas experienced his most MAGICAL CHRISTMAS EVER!

Doctor Follow-Up - December 19th

Today was our follow up to the doctors to recheck his levels.  We were happy to know that his white blood cells were up over 4000 and his red blood cells were up too.  His platelets however, were extremely low…down to 14!  The doctor tells us this is normal, however, at risk for bleeding and severe bruising.

We were informed to keep an eye out for unexplainable bruises or bleeding from the mouth.  Other than this, he was not at risk for infection and we were happy to know that he will “hopefully” be healthy for the holidays!

The FLU!!! – December 15th – December 17th

We questioned this over and over in our heads as to whether or not he encountered the flu bug from going to the Knicks game.  On Saturday, 2 days after the Knicks game, Nicholas starts running a high fever and has a nasty cough.  Once again, we end up at the hospital with yet another hospital admission.  After taking a nasal swab test, the Flu results were positive! 

Nicholas was on several antibiotics and Tamiflu.  His white blood cell count dropped down to .200 and his red blood cells very low.  A blood transfusion was performed before leaving the hospital that Monday, though his platelets were low down to 46.   The levels are normal due to the chemo he had just finished earlier in the week.

After much thought, we agreed that it was worth the trip to the Knicks game!  The doctor is right!  At any given time can he end up with a fever, infection, etc?  Why not have him enjoy the good days when he can and deal with the fevers if and when they arrive.  This is going to be his life for a while and there needs to be a balance.  Overall, it wasn’t so bad…a 2 night stay…the shortest stay since his diagnosis!

The New York Knicks/Los Angeles Lakers Game – December 13th

When we first were informed of the opportunity to take Nicholas to the Knicks game, as much as our eyes were filled with excitement, our heart and mind was filled with some doubt. 

Nicholas had just finished chemo this past Tuesday and knowing that his levels would start dropping was a bit of a concern in regards to him going on a train and to Madison Square Garden filled with 10’s of thousands of people only 2 days later.  After consulting with his doctor, he had us look at this differently for a moment.  He basically told us to allow Nicholas to live life and not worry unless there was something to worry about.  He said as long as Nicholas felt good that night, there is no reason not to take him to a game that he has always dreamed of going too.

That night we took the Long Island Railroad and had Nicholas wear a mask to avoid encountering any germs.  When we got to MSG, we had a great dinner and had the honor of meeting NY Knicks Legend, Larry Johnson!  Nicholas was excited, but he started to act a bit strange.  After a few minutes, he said he felt nauseas…we ended up in the bathroom and Nicholas ended up vomiting in the toilet.  Unbelievably, there was no mess at all.  After his vomiting episode, he felt like a brand new person and enjoyed the game to the bitter end!   The pictures tell a thousand words!  It was his very first Knicks game and a winning game too!  He had the time of his life and so did we enjoying his smile and excitement with him!

Bob the Elf Surprises Nicholas – December 13th

Let me introduce you to Bob!  Bob is Nicholas’ Elf on the Shelf  and this morning, Bob surprised Nicholas with a very exciting early Christmas gift which he found under the Christmas Tree.

One of Nicholas wishes was always to go see the NY Knicks play at Madison Square Garden.  Well, Bob heard his wishes and surprised him with 4 tickets to the NY Knicks/LA Lakers game for tonight.  Not only did he give him tickets, he also bought jerseys, hats and stickers for everyone to wear!

This was an AMAZING night!  He absolutely loved it!  Please visit the photos section for the pictures of this great and exciting night.

Shaving of the Head – December 12th

The day had come…his hair falling out in patches everywhere…it was time to just shave it off.

Well, we made sure to make it a fun experience….thanks to some very special family and friends, Nicholas smiled and laughed his way through this too!

Nicholas together with his Daddy and some other family and friends all went to the barbers and they all shaved their heads together with Nicholas. This was a very bittersweet moment for us, though, as long as Nicholas smiles…we smile! 

Check out the pics…he looks so adorable, even with no hair!  He is our little hero…

Round 2 – Chemo Treatment – December 7th – December 11th

I will keep this one short.  His 2nd round of chemo went great!  He tolerated it very well and being in the hospital for 5 straight days is nothing.  Nicholas has adapted already and realizes that unfortunately, the hospital and cancer center will become our second home.

He is surrounded by family and friends and plays Xbox all day long.  His energy and appetite was lost on day 4&5 and that is to be expected.  The last day, his levels were fairly good and Nicholas did not need a blood transfusion either.  Neupogen shots begin again once we get home until his levels are normal again.

His hair continued to fall out and Nicholas agreed it was time to shave it when we get home.

Overall, he did great and we are so proud of our little warrior!  He truly is a very strong little boy and will fight smiling his whole way through!

Back to School – December 3rd – December 5th

We are starting to notice Nicholas’ hair falling out.  It’s falling out in bunches…all over his shoulders, his pillow and falls into his food as he’s eating.  A very hard and sad moment for us as parents as we start to experience the visual side effects kick in.  But as every other difficult moment, we make light of it with Nicholas.  We want to protect his smile and we figured we will make this an exciting journey together.  So, we told him that he was “shedding” like Luca, our puppy!  Well, Nicholas LOVED that analogy and hasn’t bothered him at all.

It was time for him to go back to school for a few days and we were very excited about him being around his friends and peers for a few days, before he heads back to the hospital for Round 2 of his chemo. 

He loved it and enjoyed his school time and came off the bus with smiles everyday!   His appetite and energy has been restored and you would never think Nicholas was as sick as he is. 

We knew that the next time Nicholas would be in school, he would have no hair at all and we hope that his peers will accept him with open arms and know that he is still the very sweet and caring friend he’s always been.

In the interim, Nicholas has been home tutored by his actual classroom teacher.  She is amazing and has a heart of gold!  We are so happy to have her tutor Nicholas to ensure he’s on track academically.

This was an exciting time for all of us!

Back to Doctors – November 29th

As our follow-up visit back to Dr. Weinblatts office to check Nicholas levels, this time was a finger-prick test.  Nicholas as always, handles himself like a trooper.  The results came back to show that his white blood cell count was up to 8,000!!!  YAY!  That means he’s in the clear, his body can fight off infection and guess what…Nicholas can go back to school for a few days!!!  The daily Neupogen shots were stopped too!

Nicholas mentioned in the car that he was so happy!  He said, “Mommy, I happy about 3 things right now”, I said “what are they?”…Nicholas said, “I’m happy I can go back to school, I’m happy I can run and play and I’m happy I can be around people again”.  A bittersweet statement for me…

Unexpected Hospital Admission – November 24 – November 27th

Well, we thought Nicholas was on track.  Only 3 days after he was released from the hospital, Nicholas started to run a low-grade fever on Saturday, November 24th.  We were informed that anytime he runs a fever over 100.4, we must contact Dr. Weinblatts office immediately regardless what time it is!

His fever was low and was in contact with the doctor’s office.  We didn’t want to jump so quickly, so we monitored it for a few hours to see if it would spike.  He started to feel a little warmer and we were sent to the ER to check his levels.

When we arrived to the hospital, we sat in the waiting room for about ½ hour.  Once we were called in to Triage and we informed them that Nicholas was a cancer patient and just completed a chemo treatment, they immediately put a mask on him and put us into an isolation room.  They advised us for the future, to immediately inform them of this so we wouldn’t have to wait in the ER room and be exposed to the germs.  Nicholas’ fever was now at 101.7.

Being new to this, we weren’t aware that Nicholas white blood cells probably were depleted. 

Blood tests were run and Nicholas white blood count was down to .300 – normal is 4,000-12,000! Almost nothing!  We were so upset and felt guilty that perhaps we shouldn’t have hosted Thanksgiving after all, or maybe the trip to the library wasn’t a good idea.  We had no clue that 7-10days after chemo starts are when he is most susceptible to infection and germs.  Had he encountered a bacterial germ, his body could not have fought it off and could have become something more serious.

He was put on an IV antibiotic right away and admitted.  After 4 days in the hospital and a negative blood culture, Nicholas probably had Neutropenia, a lack of certain white blood cells which can cause fever.

We were released after he was clear of a fever for 24hours…and scheduled to go back to the Cancer Center for Kids for a CBC test (complete blood count) in a couple of days.

Home Time and Thanksgiving – November 22th – November 24th

During this time, we need to administer Neupogen shots every day to help stimulate growth of the white bloods in your body.  We do this every day until his levels are back to normal.

We were very happy to be home to host our annual holiday, Thanksgiving!  We usually are surrounded by our family on this day, approximately 15ppl at our home.  Nicholas was getting better on Wednesday and his appetite came back full force on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day!  He ate a large ham sandwich on Thursday for breakfast!!

Thanksgiving Day was a great day and Nicholas was so excited to be home with his family and having fun playing.  He was so grateful to have been home for the holiday that mommy and daddy always host and so were we!  He was feeling great with just a bit of tiredness.  On Friday, he was going strong and went to the library with his little cousins and came home about 10 books!   He was back on track and going strong

First Chemo Treatment – November 16th – November 20th

This day was a difficult one…one that we weren’t looking forward to.  It was the day that it all came together, the day that we got slapped in the face with reality that this is truly happening and we need to find ways to keep strong for Nicholas.

We hadn’t mentioned the word “Cancer” to Nicholas until after our 2nd opinion.  We explained it to him with age relevance/appropriate and tell him only what he needs to know.  We explained to him that his bad cells in his body created a “baseball” and we need to make sure it never comes back.  We told him in order to do so, he will need this medicine called “Chemotherapy” to go through his port to go and shoot all those bad cells so that can produce anymore baseballs.  We informed him that chemotherapy will make him lose his hair.  He wasn’t happy about that.  We explained that losing his hair is great…that means that the chemo is working and shooting all the bad cells.  We gave him a choice to lose hair or have another baseball in his belly.  He said “Fine, Mom, I will lose my hair!” 

This was his very first chemo treatment, the whole process very new to us.  The Cancer Center for Kids is an amazing place.  They somehow find ways to make it a happy place.  We came here first for Nicholas’ port to be accessed and then we headed off to the hospital.  Nicholas treatments will be done as in patient, rather than out-patients since the whole process is about 8 hours long.

The treatment starts with 3hours of IV hydration, followed by Zofran (anti-nausea medication), followed by Mesna (helps prevent the bladder from being irritated by the chemo medication), , followed by his first chemo – Cytoxan, followed by  Lasix (a diuretic to help flush his system), followed by his 2nd chemo named Topotecan, followed by a few more hours of IV hydration. 

His first round of treatment was handled fairly well with only one episode of vomiting.  By the 4th day his appetite was gone and didn’t eat well at all.  Dr. Weinblatt explained this was normal and should see the appetite coming back within 24-48hrs after chemo is completed.  He was very tired and slept a lot.  On the last 5th day prior to being released, his levels had dropped which required Nicholas to have a blood transfusion to help with the red blood counts.  This is usually about 3 hours long.

All in all, this wasn’t so bad as we knew that the 1st 2 chemo treatment are usually tolerated pretty well.

Second (2nd ) Opinion – November 14th, 2012

Nicholas has been doing great so far and we are now heading on 3 wks since his surgery.  He’s recovered very quickly and having lots of fun.

Our car ride to Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia aka CHOP, was approximately 2 ½ hours.  We all managed well and were happy to have arrived.  Upon arriving, we were in awe to see what a beautiful hospital and campus it was.  We didn’t get a chance to go to the main hospital which we hear is amazing. 

C.H.O.P was rated for 2012-2013 by US News to be the #1 Children’s Hospital in the Cancer Division as well as many other divisions.  CHOP took many 1st and 2nd place rankings.  This made us feel very comfortable and confident in our decision with our 2nd opinion and what will determine our next course of action.

We met with Dr. John Maris explained this to us very thoroughly and this is basically what he had to say in a nutshell:
1.     Dr. Maris agrees and supports Dr. Weinblatt’s opinion and decision to treat this very aggressively due to some of the unfavorable factors.
2.     Dr. Maris explained very thoroughly about Neuroblastoma and its components thoroughly
3.     Dr. Maris recommended we remain under the care of Dr. Weinblatt as he has worked with him in the past and is very reputable and an excellent doctor.  Additionally, having care locally will be good for the family and friends support system.
4.     Dr. Maris recommended that Nicholas stem cell transplant be done at CHOP since Winthrop does not have the facilities for this and to prepare for a 3-4week stay in PA.
5.     Dr. Maris told us that only 15% of Neuroblastoma cases are diagnosed at Stage 3, the majority, usually after metastasis at Stage 4
6.     Dr. Maris also informed us that Nicholas is highly curable with a 75-80% cure rate.
7.     Dr. Maris recommended we start chemo immediately since it has been almost 3wks since surgery

We were very happy and honored to have met Dr. Maris and were happy to hear that we are in the best of hands with Dr. Mark Weinblatt at Winthrop University Hospital. 

Our next trip to CHOP will be for Nicholas’ Stem Cell Transplant.

First (1st) Opinion – Final Diagnosis – November 9th, 2012

This day felt like forever to come…we met with Dr. Weinblatt this morning to go over final pathology and biology reports.

MIBG Scan – Negative – No spreading to other areas in the body – localized only

Final Diagnosis – Stage 3 Neuroblastoma – Primary site being right adrenal gland with localized spread to area lymph nodes and blood vessels. 

Prognostic Factors:   

·       Stage 3 is only found in 15% of Neuroblastoma patients – This is favorable
·       Age 7 – Neuroblastoma is most common in infants and children under the age of 5.  The older you are the less favorable
·       N-MYC – No copies, zero of this was found – This is excellent!  Patients whose tumors have MYCN amplification tend to have rapid tumor progression and poor prognosis, even in the setting of other favorable factors such as low-stage disease or 4S disease.
·       Shimada Classification was unfavorable due to the aggressiveness of his tumor– What is the Shimada index?  The Shimada index is a histopathology classification system, widely used for neuroblastoma, developed by H. Shimada. Using the Shimada criteria, kids with neuroblastoma can be grouped into a favorable or unfavorable category. It's based on the presence or absence of cell stroma and the aggressiveness of the tumor  

Based on final diagnosis and biology studies, though Nicholas has Stage 3 with favorable factors, the unfavorable factors determined that an aggressive and high intense treatment protocol is needed.    

His treatment plan will consists of 6 chemotherapy sessions with 3-5 day blocks every 3 weeks.  Nicholas may need a 2nd surgery to remove the rest of the mass.  A stem cell transplant will also be performed before the start of radiation and immunotherapy.  In total, his treatment plan should last approximately 1 ½ years.  

We are planning on getting our 2nd opinion from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) to meet with Dr. John Maris – Director, Center for Childhood Cancer Research, Giulio D'Angio Chair in Neuroblastoma Research and  Professor of Pediatrics, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.   

Dr. Maris is one of the top doctors in the US to treat and research Neuroblastoma.   

Our appointment is next Wednesday, November 14th.

Home Time – November 1st – November 14th

Nicholas was so excited to come home!  He is truly a warrior and a fighter!  He has quickly jumped back and was so happy to be surrounded by his family, friends and his puppy, Luca whom he missed so very much.  

On November 3rd, Nicholas was scheduled for his MIBG scan.  MIBG Scan (Meta-iodobenzylguanidine Scan)  MIBG (meta-iodobenzylguanidine) scans help locate and diagnose certain types of tumors in the body. MIBG is a substance that gathers in some tumors, particularly neuroblastoma tumors. When MIBG is combined with radioactive iodine (tracer), it provides a way to identify primary and metastatic (spread) disease. MIBG scans are helpful for locating both bone and soft tissue tumors.

The test is performed by injecting a small amount of radioactive dye (tracer) through an IV. Pictures are then taken under a scanner that is similar to a CT scan. Nicholas’ scan took place after 24hours of the dye injection.  Doctors are looking for bright spots on the scan, these indicate cancer cells.

An MIBG scan does not hurt, but it may be difficult or uncomfortable for a child to lie still for the test. Young children may be given a sedative to help them lie still for the entire test. A special medicine is given to protect the thyroid gland from the radioactive substance in the tracer.  

Nicholas was excited to come home after this test!  On November 3rd, Nicholas had a “welcome home party” and was able to invite 5 of his closest friends.  He just couldn’t wait to see them and play.  Interestingly enough, we set up 4 stations with different game setups so all 6 of them can play in teams of 2.  There was a Connect4 station, an Xbox Station, an UNO station and a Headbands Station…I must say...very structured and kept it very smooth. 

The rest of this time was spent just relaxing, healing and enjoying himself surrounded by friends, family, toys and most of all, positive strength and energy from all.

Recovery Time – October 25th – October 31st

We are so proud of our little warrior!  Nicholas recovered well and so quickly this last week or so.  His rather large incision on his belly and port incision near his right collarbone didn’t seem to have too much effect on him.  The doctors inserted an epidural catheter which was amazing and the best thing they could have done.  Nicholas didn’t feel much pain the first 4 days after surgery, which are usually the most painful and hardest to cope with.  Once the epidural catheter was removed, the pain was there, but he managed like a fighter for sure!  His legs were very weak and needed to regain that strength back and he did fairly quickly.  There were no complications in the recovery stage.  He handled all this very well and our family and friends were just amazing with all their great wishes, thoughts and prayers.  On Halloween, October 31st, Winthrop University Hospital had a Pediatric Halloween Day Parade.  We were happy to see Nicholas participate, even if rolled in a wheelchair, as his favorite NY Giants Football Player, Victor Cruz!!  We were released to go home later that day…

Surgery Day – October 25, 2012

Both my husband and I tossed and turned all night trying to make sense of all this.  We hadn’t informed Nicholas of what was about to happen.  When we awoke at 7:30am, we informed Nicholas that he would have surgery to remove the “baseball” that was growing inside him.  He didn’t quite understand and asked us lots of questions, while still in lots of side pain.  We tried to keep it simple and age appropriate and didn’t volunteer too much information.  Nicholas knew that he was going to go to sleep and wake up with both Mommy and Daddy by his side…again…no fight, just a few tears.

After 6 ½ hours surgery was completed.  The surgery took a little longer than expected due to Nicholas’ recovery period.  Nicholas experienced Tachycardia.  Tachycardia is when you are experiencing excessive heart rate.  Since Nicholas had a hard time stabilizing, they kept him a little longer.  When Nicholas was rolled into ICU, Nicholas was on a ventilator, oxygen, nose tube for stomach acids, urine catheter, epidural catheter, A-Line IV’s etc.  A very sad sight, one that we would never want to experience again!

The surgery itself went very well.  Dr. Coren was able to remove 60% of the tumor, most of it being the main solid mass along with his right adrenal gland.  A residual tumor was left behind.  This was the tumor that spread to the localized lymph nodes and area blood vessels that would have been too dangerous to chisel at.  Dr. Coren was able to confirm that there was no other spread to any major organs such as the kidneys or liver.  We were thrilled to hear this news!  Dr. Coren was very happy with the surgery and what they were able to accomplish.  At this time, the doctor suspected it to be Neuroblastoma, however, only a final diagnosis from pathology will confirm this.  Nicholas tumor was sent to California for biology and histology studies.  A final diagnosis and staging will not be available for another 7-10days.

Additionally, a chemotheraphy port was inserted during surgery as well as it was evident that Nicholas had cancer and will need to be further treated with chemo.

A Very Important Day - October 24th, 2012

After a very restless and emotional night, morning break was here.  We met for the first time with Dr. Mark Weinblatt, Chief Pediatric Oncologist and Hematologist at Winthrop.   After a very thorough and descriptive discussion, Dr. Weinblatt informed us that a bone marrow biopsy was necessary to determine whether there were any cancer cells where they would be able to determine a diagnosis.  If the bone marrow biopsy is negative, then an actual biopsy of the tumor would be the next step.  Additionally, Nicholas was also scheduled for a CT scan of the chest and neck.

Dr. Weinblatt had ordered for a bone marrow biopsy for this afternoon.  The biopsy required Nicholas to be under anesthesia and would not be painful at all.  We explained to Nicholas that he needed to have a test, but he wouldn’t feel anything because he would be sleeping.  As usual, Nicholas is a very easy going child and adapts to things rather quickly.  He did not give us a fight.

The bone marrow test was conducted, about ½ hour in total.  We were happy to know that there were no cancer cells in his bone marrow which means that there was no spreading in that area.  The CT scan of his neck and chest were also negative showing no other masses!

The downfall to this result is that Nicholas was now scheduled for surgery the next day.  His pain in his side was getting extremely worse.  We met with Dr. Charles Coren, Pediatric Critical Care Surgeon to thoroughly discuss his plan during surgery.

Dr. Coren explained that Nicholas’ case is complicated and doesn’t know how he will proceed until he is in.  Dr. Coren displayed for us on a large screen what the tumor looks like and what complications are anticipated.

Nicholas’ tumor did not seem to be connected to any major organs.  Although, his main solid mass embraces the right adrenal gland completely, there is a localized spread to the local lymph nodes and nearby blood vessels.  Dr. Coren explained that this surgery is a tricky one and will not know if he will be able to remove any of it as the tumor has infiltrated itself in between some main blood vessels.  He reassured us that he would not put Nicholas in danger and if the tumor was not removable, he would not proceed further.

Surgery was scheduled for tomorrow at 8am with a timeframe of 3-4 hours.

Receiving the Worst News of our Lives – October 23rd, 2012

Upon our arrival to the hospital, Nicholas was still running a fever and still had pain, this time, the pain was very uncomfortable.  After 4hours of waiting in the ER room, we were finally called in to be looked at.  Nicholas was running a fever of about 102.7.  After many pokes and attempts to take blood, Nicholas veins finally cooperated.  The full blood workup came back showing all normal levels, except for one indicator – the SED rate, short for Sedimentation Rate.  The normal range is 0-20.  Nicholas’ range came in at 97! 

The sedimentation rate blood test measures how quickly red blood cells settle in a test tube in one hour. The more red cells that fall to the bottom of the test tube in one hour, the higher the sed rate.

When inflammation is present in the body, certain proteins cause red blood cells to stick together and fall more quickly than normal to the bottom of the tube. These proteins are produced by the liver and the immune system under many abnormal conditions, such as an infection, an autoimmune disease, or cancer.

There are many possible causes of a high sedimentation rate. For this reason, a sed rate is done with other tests to confirm a diagnosis. After a diagnosis has been made, a sed rate can be done to help check on the disease or see how well treatment is working.

This was just cause to look for more which justified an abdominal CT scan to be performed.  The CT Scan results detected a very large mass on Nicholas right adrenal gland which seemed to have been sitting on his kidney, pushing against his liver and his right adrenal gland was completed unidentifiable.  When we inquired about the size, we were informed that it was 9cm x 8cm x 5cm.  This equates approximately in inches to be 4.5 x 3.5 x 2.  We were informed at this time that they suspect it to be Neuroblastoma, however, a biopsy would determine and confirm an actual diagnosis.  The mass was set back behind the organs which is why the mass was not detectable by the touch of the abdomen.

Nicholas was admitted that night…and a new chapter in our lives begins…an unpredictable long journey that lies ahead for us to conquer…

How It All Started…  October 18th-23rd, 2012

One would never imagine as a parent of a very active 7year old little boy coming off of the bus complaining about hip/side pain would end up becoming the worst nightmare of your life…

Thursday, October 18th marked the first day that Nicholas complained about hip/side pain that persisted and didn’t go away.  Nicholas is a very active child specifically in sports.  When he came home from school this day, he complained about some mild pain in his right side lower quadrant.  As any normal parent, you immediately think muscle soreness or constipation or gas pains.  Nicholas relaxed for the rest of the evening, but nothing major.  He continued playing and eating as normal.

The next day, October 19th, he woke up still complaining about side pain.  We kept him home from school since it was a Friday and gave him some Tylenol.  During the day, his pain started to become a little more frequent and took him to his pediatrician.  The DR examined him and there were no signs of anything.  The DR suspected as we did that Nicholas was experiencing some muscle pain and told us to call if it gets worse.  That evening, Nicholas had his very first and only vomiting episode followed by a 103.5 fever.  So, we summed it up…of course…a stomach virus!  He ran a fever throughout the night with associated diarrhea.  This continued throughout the weekend giving a stomach virus 24-48hours to pass through your system.

On Sunday, October 21st, his side pain, fever and diarrhea still present, I contacted the DR again.  We took him back in and we were sent to the hospital to eliminate the possibility of appendicitis.  Though, this was not highly considered, we wanted to take precaution.  After 6hours in the ER and a sonogram of the appendix, we were sent home with negative results.  We were happy to hear the news and went home.  This continued to persist and worsen as the days passed.  We waited another 2 days and contacted the DR again.  

On Tuesday, Oct 23rd, we went back to DR.  The DR examined Nicholas’ belly but nothing was felt or was abnormal.  The DR as puzzled as we were, directed us to the hospital once again, this time to Winthrop University Hospital.  He wanted a full work up on blood and liver enzymes to ensure we weren’t missing something.

Medical News Timeline


·       December 7th

o   2nd Round of Chemotherapy – 5 day block with Cytoxan & Topotecan chemo medicines administered


·       November 24th

o   Unexpected Hospital Admission – Fever – Low white blood counts


·       November 20th

o   Blood Transfusion due to low blood counts


·       November 16th

o   1st Round of Chemotheraphy – 5 day block with Cytoxan & Topotecan chemo medicines administered


·       November 14th

o   2nd Opinion with Dr. John Maris at Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia


·       November 9th

o   Final Diagnosis – Stage 3 Neuroblastoma with 1st opinion with Dr. Mark Weinblatt @ Winthrop University Hospital


·       November 3rd

o   MIBG Scan – Negative no spread to any other areas in the body


·       October 25th

o   6 ½ hour Surgery to remove partial mass and insert chemotherapy port

o   1st Blood Transfusion


·       October 24th

o   Bone Marrow biopsy performed – negative - no cancer cells present

o   CT Scan of Neck and Chest – Negative – no spread


·       October 23rd      

o   ER Hospital visit to get full blood workup

o   CT Scan detected large mass – Nicholas admitted


·       October 21st

o   ER Hospital visit to rule out appendicitis – done and negative


·       October 19th

o   Diarrhea and high Fever begins


·       October 18th

o   First complaint of side pain

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