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(updated 11/29/2015)

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Special Acknowledgements

No one walks alone on the journey of life. Just where do you start to thank those that join you, walk beside you, and help you along the way continuously…

A special recognition goes to Sergeant Pete Dimaggio, I long time family friend who started a fundraiser within the Glen Cove Police Department, backed up by the Glen Cove Fire Department and Glen Cove EMS.  Without Pete’s initiation and efforts, Nicholas magical experience would not have been possible.  Thank you to all involved for making his Christmas so spectacular!

A very special acknowledgement to all the Glenwood Landing/Glen Head Mom’s who have all volunteered in getting together as a group and taking turns making us dinner 2-3x’s per week!   These families have taken it upon themselves to bring us dinner so it is one less thing for us to think about.  There is a lot of planning and organization involved and we are grateful for this support.  Initially, we didn’t really know what it would entail…now I am so happy to have accepted this support.  One would never imagine the stress and energy involved in shopping and cooking dinner until it is done for you!  You all are amazing and we love you all!   Thank you for making our lives that much easier!
Deserving of special recognition, to our brother Joe, uncle to Nicholas
, words cannot express our deepest gratitude for all the work you have put into this website.  You have dedicated and committed yourself in the creation of this and have spent countless hours on the design and technicality functions; at times putting aside your own time to ensure that it is perfect.   
Joe, without you, this website would not exist and would not give us the possibility of sharing our Nicholas story with our family and friends, nor the opportunity to help raise awareness to this horrible disease.  I am certain that we can make a difference and we will! All of this would not be possible without you!  We love you Zii Zii Joe!

To our closest family and friends, we cannot thank you enough for all the unconditional love and support that you have given and showed us through this hardship.  From emails, to texts, to phone calls, mental support, visits, dinners sent to hospital and home, what more can we ask for?  It is at times very overwhelming, but that just proves to us how much we are loved and cared about from all of you.  We are so grateful for all you have done and continue to do.  Thank you caring and keeping us all in your thoughts and prayers.  Our lives would be empty without you.  We love you all!

An honorable mention to my little Mia and the Perciballi Family, people walk in and out of your lives for a reason at any given time and what a perfect time to have walked into our lives.  Mia, you had a very difficult journey just recently and I am so proud that you can now share your miracle story with others.  Mia, you and your family have touched our lives in a way that is unexplainable.  You came into our lives just when we needed your strength, your story to help us realize that you never give up and never lose hope and to always keep the faith.  Mia, you are our inspiration! You are definitely a little angel that God has sent here to help people by sharing your amazing and miraculous strength story…we are so grateful to you and your family.  Carole, even with your own trials and tribulations, you’ve gone over and beyond for us.  You are an amazing person, mother and friend and we could not have asked for anything more but to have you and your family as part of our lives today and forever.  We love you!

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